home sweet home?

Thursday, February 09, 2012

At the end of last year I went home for a wee while. It had been two years since I was last in New Zealand, and it was time to go home, re-boot and visit my family and friends.

Every time I go back I re-evaluate. Should I move back here? Does it feel right?

Just like it's common for people to move jobs every other year these days, I think it's also becoming not so uncommon to move cities or countries. And I like to think that choosing to live away from my birth place is not so strange.

New Zealand is beautiful. But it's not where I want to live right now. I did however make the most of it while on holiday and take hundreds of photos. Here's some snaps from Wenderholm. A great spot to do some Pukeko watching.

young sea bird catching some rays

spotted - a Pukeko doing his/her best to hide from me

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