charming martinborough - mini honeymoon in New Zealand wine country

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Martinborough. Definition: small New Zealand town full of delicious wine, food and scenery.

My hubby and I spent a few decadent days here last month following our wedding. It was time to finally kick back and relax following a year of stressful wedding planning from abroad. And it was amazing!

Grape wines - Martinborough
Grapes on the vine in every direction.

Selection of wines to taste at Haythornthwaite Vineyard - Martinborough
Arriving late Monday afternoon our first stop was Haythornthwaite Wines, a family owned boutique vineyard where Mark Haythornthwaite kindly chatted away with us well past closing hours. All the wines here are named after a female member of the family or close friend, a lovely touch in my opinion. We went for a bottle of the Gewurztraminer - Susan for ourselves. And a bottle of Pinot Noir - Beverley for a friend.

Cosy spot for dinner - Tirohana Estate - Martinborough
Next stop - dinner at Tirohana Estate. If you ever find yourself in Martinborough for a evening I'd highly recommend stopping here (reservations required). Both the food and wine was gorgeous. And the service absolutely superb. The lovely waiter / restaurant manager actually dropped us back to our accommodation at the end of the night so we didn't have to drive. Five stars.

Delicious dessert at Tirohana Estate - Martinborough

Second stop on our wine adventure - Schubert Wines - Martinborough
The next day we were back on the trail and stopped in at Schubert Wines. We had a great tasting here - and learnt a lot about wine glasses.

Small church - Martinborough
In Martinborough you can walk or cycle between all the wineries. We chose to walk. Here's a little church we passed by.

Wine and cheese in the sun at Te Kairanga - Martinborough
Lunch time. Cheese and wine at Te Kairanga. This winery has a lovely outdoor setting, and I have fond memories of spending the majority of Toast Martinborough here about five years ago. Te Kairanga also hit a special spot for us this trip as we had just spoilt all our wedding guests with their Pinot Noir. Bought a few more bottles here for the road.

View from the winery - Te Kairanga - Martinborough
View from Te Kairanga.

Sign outside Alana Estate - Martinborough
Alana Estate - a New Zealand classic. Cute road sign.

Garden and vineyard view at Palliser Estate - Martinborough
Palliser Estate, my favourite wine tasting. Beautiful gounds, friendly service and tasty wine. A few more bottles were purchased here....

Pausing for a moment outside Ata Rangi - Martinborough
And our last stop of the day was at Ata Rangi for another great wine tasting and buying spree. We were quite sozzled by now, but I managed to take this sweet pic.

Relaxing in the hot tub with a bottle of wine - Martinborough
Relaxing in the hot tub with a bottle of wine after a hard day of eating and drinking.

View from hot tub - Martinborough
Sunset from our hot tub

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