o canada part 1: food, eating and did I say eating?

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I absolutely love travelling in North America.

The energy, super-friendly service (even if you are paying for it), cities,  national parks, art, wildlife and the food, oh my goodness the FOOD make stopping in this part of the world well worth your time.

For a while now my hubby and I have been thinking about settling in Canada long term. He's half Canadian - spent his elementary years in Ottawa as a kid, and as has some very fond memories of ice-skating on the canal in winter. He also has lots of food memories, particularly munching on beavertales when his Mum allowed it.

So we decided to take a trip to see what we thought. Three lovely weeks in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Georgian Bay.

Well, my stomach liked the place anyway...

Our first stop. We quenched our thirst at Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto. Such a cool place, the brewery itself uses the old Roundhouse Buildings, which in their era were a locomotive repair facility. We grabbed a beer or two, and soaked up a bit of history.

And then the eating marathon began. Pancakes with real Canadian Maple Syrup. Oh yes.

Cupcake delight. Not really Canadian (I think cupcakes originated in the USA) - but yummy none the less.

Eating wasn't just for lunchtimes and evenings. Here's our breakfast picnic basket at Auberge Le Pomerol in Montreal. Delivered every morning to our room.

The classic bagel...

...and classic Montreal poutine. Although I know this looks rather disgusting it was actually delicious! Fries topped with gravy and cheese curd. mmmmm

For any kiwis out there I found a home away from home. 'ta pies' even had hokey pokey ice-cream in the freezer.

Canada cookies, endorsed by Obama himself

The snack I've heard so much about. Beavertails.

Sushi makes me happy. And Toronto blew me away with the amount of all-you-can-eat sushi restaurants.

Last stop before jumping on a plane home. A few home-made delights to make the journey that much sweeter.

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  1. aw poutine! The #1 thing on my list of things I missed while living abroad. They just don't make poutine like they do in Quebec. Oh and beaver's tale! You seem like you got a good taste of our culture :D not good for the waist but oh so delicious you can't resist!