beach-bum long weekend in Margate

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Okay, so it's been a while since I last blogged. But I've been really busy...

For the first time since we moved to London over three years ago my hubby and I decided to stay in the UK for a Bank holiday weekend and put our feet up. Destination beach.

We chose Margate for our beach-bum break away and hired a apartment with friends for three days of relaxation.

Why Margate you might ask (many of my workmates did). Well, why not? Margate is a easy 90 minute train ride from Kings Cross, has a sandy beach, local small-town charm, beer, and lucky for us lots of sunshine!

We arrived on Friday night, walked the easy 3 mins to our rental from the train station and were blessed with this view. Not too bad really.

Margate beach - view from rental apartment

Margate beach seagull
cheeky seagull checking us out

After a nice big sleep in on Saturday we decided to explore the town. Like most other UK beach resort towns Margate has a selection of tacky amusement arcades, rides, rock candy and seaside pubs, but has definitely seen better years. 

dreamland, a site of lost dreams. The Margate amusement park has been closed since 2005

However, we did discover lots of local delights...

Poetry on Margate beach front
poetry by the sea

The Greedy Cow - Margate Old Town
coffee and vintage shops, this was one of my favourites

Love Lane - Margate
who wouldn't want to take a stroll down here?

Margate shop sign

Margate street art

Kiss me quick sweet shop - Margate

We also had plenty of beach time...

Margate beach - low tidelow tide

Margate beach front
the beach front in the sunshine was fantastic

Margate beach

And we ate a lot. It was generally pretty hard to find food that wasn't deep fried, but we were on holiday. Here's my chicken burger at one of the local pubs. I thought they had given me a fish burger by mistake at first as the chicken fillet was battered. This is me removing the batter...

Lunch at a local pub

On our last day we decided to get a bit of exercise and walked to Broadstairs, the next beach town along the Kent coastline. We had initially intended to cycle, but when I rang the local bike shop they told in rather unfriendly terms that they closed at midday. Oh well. The distance was roughly 10kms, and took about two hours to walk.

On arrival we rewarded ourselves with several beers on the beach.

Broadstairs - beer on the beach

...we stayed until the sun set and then headed home to London.

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