return to Heidiland - a long weekend of wine, cheese and chocolate

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Last year we went to Switzerland for the first May Bank holiday and were so impressed by the sheer beauty we decided to go back again, this time with friends.

You can read my Heidiland blog post from last year here...

This May Bank holiday weekend was basically broken up into three activities:

  1. Eating (think cheese, chocolate, cured meat)
  2. Drinking the local wine
  3. and, Gaping at the gorgeous view
We also managed to smuggle lots of treats back to the UK in our suitcases - with mine developing a distinct cheese pong on the way home. Oh well, worth the sacrifice. 

If you're at a loose end for next years first May Bank holiday, I thoroughly recommend Montreux, on the shores of Lake Geneva. The Eppesses wine festival itself is worth the visit!

first view of the lake. Oh to live here.

Wine festival! And what goes well with wine? Local baked treats :)

I did go a bit 'snap happy', but it's hard not too when pretty much every direction you look is just gorgeous. This is the view from Epesses, a small village overlooking Lake Geneva. It seems like every man and his dog here make their own wine. And it's really good!

cheese time

More wine, cheese and gorgeous views. And all those people you can see down below - yes, they are enjoying cheese fondue.

cute decorated door

walking around the lake in Montreux. Spring flowers are out.

The lakeside Freddy Mercury statue. In Montreux they actually celebrate 'Freddie Mercury's Montreux Memorial Day' in the first weekend of September every year.

After two days of gazing lakeside we decided to take in some different scenery and caught a train up into the hills. Last stop - Cailler Chocolate Factory, where they actually have a tasting room where you can eat as much as you like (I kid you not!)

Chocolate cow :)

Last stop - the medieval town of Gruyères. You have to walk up on foot, but the town is charming, and a great spot for cheese fondue.

more food....

more lake gazing.... this pic was taken looking back at Montrex after walking for about 30 minutes.

Our last food stop - including Heidi meat!!! My husband thought this was a little weird.

last few pics taken before heading back to London

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