finally! a real British summer

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's been a while since I blogged - and that has been completely down to the AMAZING weather we've had over the last few weeks. And with more to come I know I'm not the only Londoner who's been spending too much time in the sun. The city has really come alive and people in general just look happier!

Some of the great things one can do in the London sunshine:

  • picnics in the park
  • constant ice-cream eating
  • river path cycling
  • outdoor cinema and theatre
  • sleepy book reading under the trees
  • beach bumming - this is not technically in London, but very close by...

Margate, Kent

  • bucket cocktail drinking Thailand style
Bucket cocktail

  • more cool cocktail drinking...
Cool cocktail

    • sight seeing - we cycled to Hampstead Court Palace from Richmond last weekend and enjoyed access to the formal gardens for free while the flower festival was on
    Hampstead Court Palace, London

    • delicious brunch eating
    Delicious Brunch in London

  • festival going (sadly this was actually a work doo for me - but a very cool work doo!)

  • Music Festival, London

    • fundraising and running in the blistering heat for charity. This was taken at the Hampstead Heath Race for Life - where I placed 18th and raised money for cancer research at the same time :)
    Race for Life - Cancer we're coming to get you, London

    • German beer-garden enjoying
    German Beer Garden in Richmond, London

    • and my favourite - sushi picnic!
    Sushi picnic in London park

    The list goes on.... Hope you're all having a fabulous British summer!

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    1. I love river path cycling! Looking forward to another British summer.