Hyper Japan - my fav London event ;)

Monday, July 29, 2013

This weekend I attended one of my favourite London events - HYPER JAPAN!!! Woop woop.

Hyper Japan is essentially a London weekend event where all people who love Japan and Japanese culture (crazy and traditional) gather together in one place to celebrate the best of the best. And it's such a fun place to hang out, eat fantastic sushi and watch all your favourite anime characters walk by...

Peace - me @ Hyper Japan wearing the cutest sunglasses I could find
peace :o)

Cosplay competition at Hyper Japan, London 2013

There were some amazing costumes around the place - with lots of people getting to strut their stuff in the Cosplay competition. 

Cosplay (コスプレ), is a Japanese subculture where guys and girls dress up as their favourite characters from manga, anime, and video games. There's quite a bit of emphasis on making your costume - particularly in the UK where costumes are much harder to find. 

I was pretty impressed by some of these guys...

Japanese girls at Hyper Japan, London 2013

Japanese guys at Hyper Japan, London 2013

Kawaii onesies at Hyper Japan, London
... and was super-tempted by these kawaii onesies, but decided to admire from a distance... one often finds what seems 'normal' at Japan events is not quite so in the outside world.

Kawaii Japanese character at Hyper Japan, London 2013

Something Kawaii at Hyper Japan, London 2013
My favourite section was definitely 'something kawaii'

Check out the online store here: somethingkawaii.co.uk/

Kawaii shoes at Hyper Japan, London 2013
the sweetest shoes I ever did see

Hello Kitty phone covers at Hyper Japan, London 2013
sparkly Hello Kitty phone covers 

Maneki-neko at Hyper Japan, London 2013

There were some traditional characters too. This geisha is putting on her make up in preparation for an upcoming performance.

Geisha applying white make up at Hyper Japan, London 2013

Geta for sale at Hyper Japan, London 2013

Maneki-neko phone charms at Hyper Japan, London 2013
Maneki-neko keitai charms to attach to your mobile phone. 
In Japan collecting these charms is really popular, and it's not uncommon to see girls with bunches of them hanging off their phones. 

Girls playing Taiko Drum Master at Hyper Japan, London 2013

And if you're into gaming you'd have been in your element at Hyper Japan.... here are some girls playing Taiko Drum Master, also known as Taiko no Tatsujin" (太鼓の達人) -  a popular drumming game found in Pachinko Parlors throughout Japan. So much fun :)

Here's a pretty cool video of a 'Taiko Drum God' playing in Japan.

I managed to spend quite a bit of money this weekend. My favourite purchase of the day? Panda-Chan edamame :) So kawaii!!!!!!

Panda-Chan edamame - from Hyper Japan, London 3013

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