six ways to fight the autumn blues

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Well it's official. Summer in London is well and truly over. On my way to work in the mornings I am already seeing people wearing winter boots and jackets, which I find rather depressing.

To fight the autumn blues last week I snuggled up indoors, caught up with friends, and on a few 'chores' that have been hanging over my head for a while. 

My top six highlights were:
  1. L&P chocolate
    Hubby and I had friends from New Zealand crash at our pad this weekend, and in exchange for two nights on our 'very comfy' air-bed they gifted us a block of Whittaker's L&P Chocolate. A very exciting and appreciated pressie as you can't get this chocolate in the UK. L&P, which stands for Lemon & Paeroa is a softdrink that is world famous in New Zealand.
  2. Red wine
    Wrapped up against the cold, a girls lunch indoors and a few bottles of red later, Saturday was a cosy blurrr
  3. Book club
    Catching up with my book club ladies last Thursday, we shared stories and, umm more red wine. Bookclub is always a highlight for me - we catch up every five to six weeks to swap books and have a yarn. I'm currently reading 'if nobody speaks of remarkable things' by Jon Mcgregor.
  4. Finally writing my wedding thank you notes
    It's been six months since hubby and I tied the knot, and this 'chore' has been hanging over my head ever since. I ordered the cards a few months ago off Vistaprint (they came out lovely) and on Sunday I finally sat down and wrote every single special person who came to our wedding a personal note. Getting this done felt good.
  5. Dreaming about our next travel adventure
    I've been browsing the web looking for a 'off the tourist track' adventure and came across Socotra - a small group of four islands in the Indian Ocean. A third of its plant life is found nowhere else on Earth, and it's been described as the 'most alien looking place' on the planet. Seriously - google Socotra to check it out.
  6. Anniversary pie
    Today is our 6-month wedding anniversary. And to celebrate we made Raspberry and Blackberry pie, which we washed down with more wine. Mmmmm
Six ways to fight the autumn blues - chocolate, red wine, reading, looking at photos, travel planning and baking

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