a perfect egg

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I'm an 'egg'. That's what quite a few of my friends tell me anyway. And in case you're wondering what that means - I'm yellow on the inside and white on the outside. If you're still confused - I love Asia - it's my favourite continent to travel in by far, I love the cultures, history, technology, food, fashion, languages...

Separately, on a completely different subject altogether I also love eating eggs. I have a soft boiled egg every morning for breakfast along with muesli, fruit and coffee. An egg is my number one food to start the day.

Why? Aside from being tasty, a egg in the morning also gives you a damn good protein kick, which is great if you're trying to loose or maintain your weight. Eggs keep you fuller for longer. When I have an egg for breakfast I don't need to eat again till lunch. If I don't have an egg my stomach is normally grumbling by about 10:30am.

Perfect soft boiled egg
my egg this morning :)

I first started my daily egg routine in the lead up to my wedding. I splashed out and had personal training sessions for a few months (which were amazing by the way), and Alex - my personal trainer's best piece of eating advice during that time was to have an egg at breakfast. And well, I've never looked back.

I like my eggs with a soft and gooey centre - so I boil them for five minutes exactly (five and a half if they've been in the fridge).

And the best thing about eating a proper breakfast is that I'm never hungry at night. No more midnight snacking.

What's your favourite breakfast food?

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