I'm recovering... from Oktoberfest!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Thursday night, and I still in recovery from last weekend - Oktoberfest in Munich. In fact, this time five nights ago I was 'very happy', and singing Ein Prosit, at the top of my lungs:

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit 
Der Gemütlichkeit 
Ein Prosit, ein Prosit 
Der Gemütlichkeit.

Ein Prosit is a song you hear everywhere at Oktoberfest - it's played in the beer tents about every 20 minutes, and the locals and tourists alike love to stand on their tables, wave their beers in the air and sing along. Loosely translated the lyrics mean:

A toast, a toast
To cheer and good times
A toast, a toast
To cheer and good times. 

Our first round of beer at Oktoberfest 2013
Our first round of beers on Saturday morning at about 9:45am in Schottenhamel.

Pretty much my weekend went like so:
  • Met my group of 10 fellow travellers at London Heathrow after work on Friday night to fly to Munich
  • Arrived in Munich very late, about 11:30pm, and headed to our accommodation - a Yoga Studio about 200 metres from the Oktoberfest site
  • At 2am we all went to bed, with alarms set for 6am - just enough time for us all to shower and get to Oktoberfest to line up for our tent of choice - Schottenhamel
  • At 9:30am we were inside Schottenhamel and had secured a table, which meant we could order food and drink all day
  • Happy drinking celebrations......
I lost track of time at about 2pm. But I do know it was an fantastic day all up.

The tent we choose to drink in - Schottenhamel - is the oldest tent at Oktoberfest, and first started in 1867. It's a great tent to visit, as it's mostly full of locals in their traditional Dirndls and Lederhosen, and it has a jubilant, happy atmosphere. 

Oktoberfest beer and Pork Knuckle
More beer, and Pork Knuckle with a giant dumpling to help wash it down...

Inside Schottenhamel - sometime in the afternoon, Oktoberfest Munich 2013
...inside Schottenhamel - sometime in the afternoon...

Beers in Schottenhamel, Oktoberfest Munich 2013
...and more beers... this pic was taken while standing on our chairs.

The rest of the day/night/next morning is history. 

When we dragged ourselves out of bed the next day it was a full round of sore heads. So to make ourselves feel better we went out for brunch... and I had the most amazing French Toast at a little café called Das Neue Kubitscheck. Their coffee was fab too.

French Toast at Das Neue Kubitscheck, Munich

Gorgeous dog in Munich cafe
One of the other diners had this beautiful little dog - who really wanted our breakfasts.

After brunch we headed back to Oktoberfest to do a bit more exploring...

Inside Hippodrom, Oktoberfest, Munich 2013
...inside Hippodrom - lots of happy people dancing in the isles here...

On a ride at Oktoberfest, Munich 2013
...trying out one of the rides - and looking down at the festivities.

Late in the afternoon we decided to see a bit more of Munich before our flight home and headed into the city centre.

Garden in Munich
enjoying one of the inner-city gardens

Garden in Munich

Outdoor book shop, Munich
an outdoor bookshop

The new Town Hall in Marienplatz, Munich
the new town hall in Marienplatz, with the famous bell-tower that's well worth a watch if you're here on the hour

Street artist in Marienplatz, Munich
and of course Munich has it's own share of characters!

Right, I'm off to bed. This week is all about detoxing.

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  1. I loved seeing this post since I just relived our oktoberfest on my little blog. I like seeing different peoples experiences. ALSO, I can't believe you were brave enough to get your camera out on the swing ride, my friend and I thought for sure we were going to die up there haha

    1. Thanks Dannielle - I guess the beer made me brave? Heading over to look at your post now...