sun, sea and sail in Croatia - part 2

Thursday, October 17, 2013

When I wrote sun, sea and sail in Croatia - part 1 a month ago, our summer holiday was already feeling like a distant memory. Two months on and I feel like I need another holiday! My, how time flies. Winter is slowly creeping up on us, it's now dark outside after 6pm and London is getting progressively colder every day.

But lets forget winter for a few moments - here's what we got up to on the second leg of our summer sailing holiday in Croatia...

After visiting Hvar, we headed to the quieter and smaller island of Vis, where we had the hottest weather of our trip. It was scorching, so we spent a lot of time in the water, and drinking beer in the shade...

Locals swimming on the island of Vis, Croatia
locals cooling off in the water, Vis

... and when evening rolled around, and the temperature had dropped by a few degrees we went on the hunt for food and found Pojoda - a beautiful garden seafood restaurant.

Each table at Pojoda had it's own spot in the leafy garden, so while dining here it felt like we had the place to ourselves...

Our dining table at garden restaurant Pojoda, Vis, Croatia
...our garden table at Pojoda.

The fish selection at Pojoda, Vis, Croatia
Pojoda's menu - catch of the day

More sea time at Vis, Croatia
more sea time :)

Cliff jumping at Vis, Croatia
cliff jumping

The next day we headed to Korčula town on Korčula Island - which was my favourite stop of the whole holiday.

Korčula is a historic fortified town, meaning that the old city is surrounded by a walls. Residents were forbidden to build outside of the walls until the 18th century, and the wooden drawbridge that connected the city to the rest of the island was only replaced in 1863. All the streets within the walls are pedestrian only (yay, no cars), narrow and stepped - leading to the centre of the town apart from one - the South-Eastern sea wall called 'the Street of Thoughts'.

Korčula is a great spot for a stroll. You can walk around the circumference of Korčula town in about 30 minutes, which is what we did. Then we criss-crossed though it, exploring all the nooks and crannies...

Korčula town square, Croatia
...Korčula town square, where we climbed the bell tower of St Mark's Cathedral...

Looking out to sea from the bell tower, Korčula, Croatia
...view out to sea from the bell tower...

Looking back at the bell tower, Korčula, Croatia
... and view looking back at the bell tower from the outer city wall.

After our walk we settled ourselves down to have a beer, followed by local cheese and bread, followed by another beer. And so on.

Beer, Korčula, Croatia

Our second to last stop on the trip was Mljet - Croatia's greenest island. We stopped here for just one night to spend some time exploring the beautiful Mljet National Park.

Mljet National Park is large area that borders two salt water lakes - Veliko and Malo Jezero, meaning Large and Small lake. In the middle of the Large Lake you can visit an old monastery from the 12th century which is now a popular tourist spot. We hired bikes for the day to cycle around the lakes and see as much as possible. It was pretty nice to get some exercise after all the lazing and drinking. I slept very well that evening.

Tourists swimming in Small Lake, Mljet National Park, Croatia
tourists swimming in Small Lake

Cycling around Mljet National Park, Croatia
cycling around Large Lake

And with the end to our lovely holiday drawing close we regretfully made our way to our final stop - Dubrovnik. As we docked it was obvious that our peaceful sea days were over. Dubrovnik is a bustling tourist town - one of the most popular in Croatia and there were people everywhere.

So we made like tourists and walked around the walls of the Old Town, that surround the city. It was crowded, but it was easy to see why, as the views of the town and sea were amazing. I think Dubrovnik easily rivals any other European city I've visited to for beauty...

Walking around Dubrovnik city walls, Croatia
...the view while walking around Dubrovnik. This is one of many many photos I took. It was hard not to get carried away...

View from Dubrovnik city walls, Croatia

View from Dubrovnik city walls, Croatia
...tourists walking along the wall...

View from Dubrovnik city walls, Croatia

Spotted - a wedding, Dubrovnik, Croatia
... and just to make it even more perfect, we spotted a wedding.

After two days exploring Dubrovnik it was time to pack up and head home to London. Back to work, and back to grey skies. 

Our Croatia holiday was amazing. I would thoroughly recommend hiring a boat if you're up to it, or going on a tour if you prefer to experience the islands, sea and everything that comes along with holidaying in Croatia.

Živjeli!! (That's cheers to you).

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  1. I'm just drinking in all those colours! The water (so blue!), the roofs, the sandy bricks of the buildings. It looks like paradise. Gorgeous photos. X Jane

    1. Thanks Jane. Croatia is such a photogenic country, it was really hard not to get carried away with the picture taking!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful post! Croatia looks like an absolutely stunning country. Never been, but looks well worth the visit!

    1. Thanks Miwa - you should definitely check Croatia out one day :)
      I just popped across to your blog - and am really excited to find such a interesting Japan-based blog. Japan is my fav country and I always love reading about it.
      Claire xx

  3. Sailing Holidays Croatia you live every moment of, experiences you’ll love forever and areas that this fascinating country has to offer.

  4. I am totally stalking your blog right now but I love it! This is the region where I am from and I loved all the pictures you had to share of it! I'm actually flying into Croatia and then driving home to Bosnia this upcoming Monday so this made suuuuuuuuper excited!