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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wedding table names. Such a simple thing - yet I agonised for weeks over what to name the tables at our wedding - much to the annoyment of my now husband! Now that it's been six months since we tied the knot I look back and wonder why such a simple task was so difficult?

The reason was I didn't want to use just plain 'boring' numbers, or any of the popular ideas you'll find listed on wedding websites such as:

  • favourite cities / countries / landmarks / cars
  • plants / flowers / birds / animals / seasons
  • favourite songs / artists / bands / actors
  • the word 'love' in different languages...

I wanted a unique theme that was personal to us.  However, I soon found out that almost every idea has been done before, and all I could really do was go with something that we identified with and could be personalised... So we settled on 'places that have a significant meaning to us'.

Why places? Well, when I fist met my hubby I was just weeks away from packing up my life in New Zealand and moving to Japan. The first year of our relationship was long distance, and from the beginning travel and exploring the world was a key part of our lives together. For our second date in fact we 'jumped on a plane' and went to Australia for a long weekend. Since Japan we have backpacked through Central and South America, travelled throughout Asia, visited almost every country in Central Europe numerous times, and relocated to London.

Decision made, the next challenge was to make the table names interesting to our guests - so we decided to add some fun and create a wedding postcard for each table. On the front was the name of our significant place - with a pic of us there together, and on the back was a tale explaining why this place was so special.

And here they are...

Wedding postcard and table name - Wellington
Wellington, New Zealand - the city where we met (we look like such dorks in this photo). 
And here's the story that was on the reverse of this postcard:

C and J meet for the first time!

The happy couple first met each other at a mutual friend’s house party in 2006. That friend is Sheena, your lovely MC for this evening. J attempted to woo C by singing, making jokes, and being a good conversationalist. Despite this rocky start, C decided to track J’s number down and send him a text.

Their first date was stand-up comedy and cocktails. In a true gentlemanly fashion, J boasted about how much he earned, and then said “I bet I could kick your ass at Singstar” (which is a Karaoke game). C, never one to back down from a challenge, cordially responded “Bring it on, Choir Boy!!”

This began the epic singstar content which continued until 2am in the morning. And a relationship which continues to this day. 

Wedding postcard and table name - Melbourne
Melbourne - where we had our second official date

Wedding postcard and table name - Japan
Japan - a year of long-distance

Wedding postcard and table name - Vanuatu
Vanuatu - a special family holiday

Wedding postcard and table name - Cerro Chirripo
Cerro Chirripo - Costa Rica's highest mountain, and a highlight during our five months 
backpacking through Central and South America (gosh I look young here)

Wedding postcard and table name - Barcelona
Barcelona - our favourite city in Europe. 
Over the last four years we have had many a city break here

Wedding postcard and table name - Venice
Venice - where hubby popped the question 
(in an amazing hotel suite overlooking the Rialto Bridge)

Wedding postcard and table name - Westbourne Terrace
Westbourne Terrace - where we got our first place together in London, and still live today :)

And ta da.... wedding table names were complete, and they felt special and unique to us (yay).

Here are a few pics of the finished postcards taken on our wedding day...

Wedding postcard table names - on our wedding day

Wedding postcard table names - the story on the back

Wedding postcard table names - on our wedding day

Wedding postcard table names - on our wedding day

Our guests certainly seemed to like them, and they have made great keepsakes from our wedding.

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  1. When you've traveled so many awesome places it's no wonder you wanted to feature them at your wedding! It makes me a little jealous looking through them, but I guess I'll visit my dream cities someday!

    And we also did unique table numbers. Since we're both math people, and met in a math class, we used mathematical numbers or symbols like pi or phi, as our table numbers. So in a way it's still an actual table number, but definitely a somewhat new spin.

    1. Hi Shoshanah - math numbers and symbols sound very unique to me. That's one theme I never came across in my endless googling. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love this! We're doing something similar, but I love the way you presented yours!

    1. Thanks Mary :) Make sure you drop by and share a link to yours when you're ready to share so I can take a look.

  3. Aww those are so cute! I have no idea what our table numbers look like or if we are creating our own, but these are awesome! So cute!

    Thanks for linking up!

  4. We have a similar idea but I LOVE how yours look! Totally unique!

    PS we're honeymooning in Costa Rica! Any tips?? Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks Mary. Wow - Costa Rica for your honeymoon, I am very jealous. We both loved Costa Rica and spent almost a month there exploring every corner. My top tip is don't spend too much time in San Jose, it's just another biggish city and pretty boring. Our fav places in order were:
      1. Tortuguero - I saw more wildlife here in about 30 minutes than I've ever seen anywhere else in the world. It is breathtaking.
      2. Climbing Cerro Chirripo - amazing views of both the West and East Coast from the top. If you decide to go book in at Casa Mariposa (amazing B&B run by a lovely couple of expats) - and they have home baking.
      3. Monteverde - seek out your inner adventurer and go zip lining.
      If you want any more detail DM me on twitter. Have fun!