#10 - something different - sticks n sushi

Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's been a fairly quiet weekend (bliss). I stayed in all day yesterday, and today only ventured out to eat sushi - at a Japanese restaurant I've heard a lot about recently but never tried: Sticks N Sushi, Wimbledon.

And well yes, it was great. I'm not much of a food reviewer, so will keep it short:

  1. Lovely, friendly service
  2. Good light (big windows), and lots of space - I met some friends who have two young kiddies, and there was plenty of room for their pushchair, as well as lots of space between tables
  3. Beautifully presented menus. Sticks N Sushi obviously take pride in presenting their food well - I wanted to order everything!
  4. Delicious, well cooked and presented food.
  5. Lots of time. We spent a few hours eating, talking, relaxing and at no stage were we hurried along.
Here's what I had...

Sticks N Sushi - ebi (prawn) bites, with chilli and lime
ebi (prawn) bites, with chilli and lime

Sticks N Sushi - sushi!!! Black alaska roll and Crispy ebi roll
black alaska roll
crispy ebi roll

Sticks N Sushi - Man Plate
hubby had the 'man plate'

If you've never really tried sushi - Sticks N Sushi would be the perfect place to go as they have a wide range of Japanese food - cooked and uncooked, so there is something for everyone. My hubby doesn't eat seafood, which can be an problem sometimes since I eat so much sushi - but he was very happy with his meat-lovers 'man plate'. Smiles all around.

Hope you've all had a relaxing weekend!

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  1. Oh, yum - those prawn bites look wonderful! Great photography :)

    Sarah xx