#16 - book club - three to see the king

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A day late, but here's my latest book club read. Don't you think the cover is amazing? I love the use of colour, symmetry and movement.

three to see the king
by Magnus Mills

three to see the king by Magnus Mills

My review:

At first glance this is a enjoyable little book of just 164 pages. The writing style is simplistic, told through the eyes of a nameless narrator who lives alone in a house of tin on a wide plain, where his nearest neighbour is a days walk away:

'I live in a house built entirely from tin. For a long while I was quite content here, and remained convinced I would find no better place to be. Then one day a woman arrived at my door and said, "So this is where you've been hiding."'

When Mary Petrie turns up it is a surprise to the narrator, but he quickly makes adjustments to include her in his life. Next the neighbours come knocking at his door - and before you know it what was a life of solitude has changed, and our narrator soon finds himself seeking out the company of others - and off to see the revered 'Michael Hawkins' to find out what is happening further out on the plain.

There's a lot of biblical references in this book, no doubt a few went over my head, and I did feel like there probably was some greater meaning I couldn't quite grasp. 

For a book that started out as a simple, light read, it did end with me pondering some of society's engrained habits - following leaders, revolting against such leaders, the search for power, thanks and recognition...

3/5 claire stars

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