#27 - yes moments - a year of letters

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

For those of you unsure what this post is about - 'yes moments' are those tiny moments when life has complete clarity, meaning or certainty. They can be life-changing or life-affirming.

I've had a handful of 'yes' moments so far in my thirty odd years, and fingers crossed I have more coming my way in the future.

My biggest 'yes moment' of recent years was when I made the decision to finish my contract in Japan rather than extend it, and head home to give my relationship with my now 'hubby' a go.

It wasn't a easy decision as I loved living in Japan, and there are many days still even now when I wish I was still there. But when the moment came to sign my new contract, and I was sitting at my bosses desk 'pen in hand' I knew I had to go back. How did I know? Well, I had a year of letters back in my tiny Japanese flat spilling out of a suitcase that had made their case clear...

Japan - a year of letters...

I met my husband six weeks before moving to Japan. Talk about timing. We instantly hit it off. However six weeks later I was on that plane, and heading off to try something new. Thoughts of home pushed to the back of my mind.

I arrived, moved into my apartment, met my neighbours, began work...

...and then the letters started. Every day. From this boy I had only known for six weeks.

At first I thought it was a bit weird (lets be honest), but I soon grew to love them and look forward to them. The post being the post, some days they wouldn't arrive, and on others I'd get home from work and have two or three in the letterbox. Always numbered -  so I knew what order to read them in. They were big letters too - almost always at least a few pages long.

I received a letter a day, every day for a whole year.

I fell in love through letters.

love art installation - Shinjuku, Japan 2006
love art installation - Shinjuku, Japan 2006

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  1. That is one of the most beautiful ways of falling in love I have ever heard :) you lucky thing. Seems like your hubby is a keeper! Love this post :) Xx

    1. Thanks Charlotte :) Still have to pinch myself sometimes to believe it.
      Claire xx

  2. Oh this is so gorgeous, what a wonderful way to fall in love.

  3. What an amazing and wonderful story!!!! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Wow I got chills! That's a wonderful story!!