#29 - all I want for christmas is you....

Friday, November 29, 2013

Just kidding. I don't even know you. The sound track for this post is definitely that Mariah Carey number though.

Here are a few of the things I'm loving on Etsy right now:

Etsy Christmas wishlist
Bling silver ring | lilpengee
London art print | HopSkipJumpPaper
Japanese kimono fabric | StyledinJapan
Coffee cup monkey cozy | RobertaAnne
Black stoneware noodle bowels | claylicious
Soft leather ballet flats | thewhiteribbon

One of the things I'd really like for Christmas, and the new year is for this little blog of mine take off. I have a handful of steady followers now (thanks team), and traffic is growing slowly day by day, but I have high aspirations.

Any bloggers out there with some feedback or tips? I can take it, and if I can't - well I just won't publish your comments. Would love to hear what you think though. I'm looking forward to a fresh perspective in the new year...

blogging word cloud

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  1. I love the noodle bowels!

    1. Cute right? I love anything that pairs well with chopsticks!

  2. Oh no - now I've got that song as an ear worm!!!

    Good luck with the blogging ambitions. I also have some aims to do something with mine in 2014... here's to us both achieving some blog based goals x

    1. Hear, hear to that!! Good luck - will be keeping an eye out on your blog. xx