#3 - autumn morning light

Sunday, November 03, 2013

The days are a lot shorter now we're headed into November, so it's not too often I get the opportunity to enjoy beautiful sunlight. It's dark when I go to work and dark when I come home during the week.

This weekend I've been visiting with my brother and his family who live out in a small village, thirty minutes drive from Cambridge. Whenever I visit I always bring my running shoes - as it's not too often I get the opportunity to head out into open countryside. Green fields, even muddy ones are a lot nicer than London's pavements.

The light this morning was a treat, even if the wind was chilling.

Days like today are particularly suited to being captured in words and imagery. Here are two lovely Haiku poems by Matsu Basho (the second one makes me laugh), and photos from my run...

bright red
the pitiless sun
autumn winds

autumn coolness
hand and hand paring away
eggplants -- cucumbers

Early morning light running in Cambridge countryside
used my friend Instagram to take this pic - the filter really suited my mood...

Horses - running in Cambridge countryside
 ...and I wasn't the only one out enjoying the morning.

Hope everyone's having a lovely relaxing Sunday.

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  1. I wish I lived out in the country :( I'd much rather the view from my house being fields and fields and fields than cars and houses :(

    1. Me too :) But I think I'd also miss the city!

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend getaway. And love the pictures.

  3. I absolutely adore a good haiku - they're the perfect accompaniment to your photos. It also makes me wish I lived a little more rurally!

    1. Thanks Beth. Me too, I keep Basho close to hand at all times. His haiku poems are beautiful.

  4. I love the filter with the warm end of the spectrum, those orange/red/magentas.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thought it was one of my running routes for a moment - Cambridge countryside all looks v similar! Luce