#4 - sushi glorious sushi

Monday, November 04, 2013

On the seventh day God made sushi...

...and he never looked back. That's my humble opinion anyway.

Sushi first became part of my regular diet when I lived in Japan, and since then neither have I. Sushi is without a doubt my favourite food, and it's a great feel-good food too.

In London I'm always on the look out for a new sushi haunt that does delicious, fresh sushi at a reasonable price - and with a smile :) My current favourite restaurant for freshness and simplicity is See Sushi in Paddington. I recommend the Alaska and Dragon rolls...

Alaska roll from See Sushi in Paddington, London
Alaska roll from See Sushi, Paddington 

Over the last ten years or sushi has become a lot more mainstream in Western countries - so it's pretty easy to experiment and try new flavours and combinations.

I'm a bit of a 'kawaii' fan too - and can waste hours looking at cute sushi imagery on Google or Pinterest. Here are a few I found tonight...

Kawaii prawn nigiri
prawn nigiri - by Felwyn

Bear sushi - kawaii
bear sushi

smiley onigiri from Fanpop - this is not technically sushi but pretty damn cute anyway

Sushi family illustration
sushi family :)

sleeping sushi zzzzzzzz - from Little Lessons in Life

There's lots of information on the web about the proper way to eat sushi, but I'm not going to bore you with that. Feel free to Google if you want. I think you should enjoy sushi just the way you like it.

For me that's with a small amount of wasabi and soy sauce. Oishii!

How do you like your sushi?

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  1. I have to admit my sushi experience is limited to the little packs you can buy in Tesco, I'd love to try it out in a proper eatery one day.

    1. You should!!! It will change your life :)

  2. You know I have never tried Sushi before! I really should try x

  3. We have some amazing sushi restaurants in sheffield. its one of our favourites! But I love the bear sushi - i wish that they made the sushi look like that here. x

    1. Me too - I've tried to make 'kawaii' sushi before and failed miserably. Oh well, in the end it's the taste that matters :)

  4. Def am going to try some veggie sushi!!

  5. I'm so unadventurous with food and I've never tried sushi! I only ate a prawn for the first time last week...

    1. Maybe you could add it to your '31 before 31' list next year??

  6. Claire,

    I love this! What an awesome post!

  7. Hi! Came over from the Tuesday blog hop. I am so very jealous that you've lived all over the world. It makes my humble existence in New Jersey seem so boring!

    That said, I may live in boring New Jersey, but I love me some sushi! However, I'm deathly allergic to avocado, so it sometimes makes it hard. I looooove the Scott roll, rainbow roll, toro, kani, Philly roll. YUM! Now I'm craving sushi in the worst way!
    -MJ www.luckfupus.com

  8. PS- Love the 'Oliver' reference!

  9. mmm yummy! I love any sort of vegetable sushi hahaa



  10. Mmm I love sushi. How cute is that bear?!

    Thanks for linking up with us for Totally Posted Tuesday!