#6 - homemade wedding invitations

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Today is National Stress Awareness day. I think we all deal with different amounts of stress in our day-to-day lives, and we all have our own ways of dealing with it. For me exercise is always the best cure. The endorphins I get following a run can't be bet.

So I thought today I'd write about a task I found particularly stressful about this time last year - designing and making my wedding invitations...

Creating and sending out your wedding invitations is one of the first tasks anyone getting married has to deal with. And they sound like such a simple thing. But with them comes a whole lot of decisions such as...

  • wedding colour scheme and/or theme 
  • wedding guests - who do I actually want to invite?
  • who does mum want me to invite?
  • date, time, location
I wanted our invitations to have an organic, home made feel - so actually hand-wrote the original typeface and then scanned it into my computer to replicate... (and yes this took a very long time).

Our wedding had a subtle Japanese theme also, so together hubby and I wrote a haiku to sum up the day...

Hand made wedding invitation, with personal haiku

Once I'd finished hand-writing the haiku, our names and the wedding information, and scanned these onto my computer - I printed the invites onto transparent paper. Next I chose two Japanese Washi papers to sit behind the transparent paper as a background. 

If you live in London and love delicate Washi paper then you must visit Falkiners - they have the most amazing selection of papers that you can buy in bulk.

Wedding invitations made of Japanese washi paper

Choosing the washi paper actually ended up finalising our wedding colour scheme - lavender, pale blue and silver. And being a crazy bride I also committed to folding paper cranes as decorations right up until the big day.

The paper came in big sheets - which I hand cut into perfect squares (scalpel, metal ruler and cutting board), and then glued into our 'flower' invite shells, that were in a neutral silver gloss colour...

Hand mad wedding invitations

Hand made wedding invitations - Japanese themed

I also bought a Sakura (Japanese cherry blossom) stamp, which I used on all the envelopes, and inside each invitation above the haiku...

Wedding invitation envelopes - sakura stamped
stamped invitation envelopes drying

Next were the RSVP instructions - and of course these had to be hand written as well...

Wedding invitation RSVP

The last step was to hand write the guests names - in the middle gap you can see in the photo below. And then fold up and wrap in a washi strap to post...

Final Japanese themed wedding invitation

Final Japanese themed wedding invitation - ready to post
...all ready to post.

It's fun looking back at these now. I kept one invitation as a momento just for us, which I'll keep forever.

Our handmade Wedding Save-The-Date was a lot more fun, quick and less stressful to make. This has a special place in my heart also - and makes me laugh :)

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  1. It may have been stressful but they are gorgeous, and I bet you were really proud of them!

    Janey x

    1. Thanks Janey. I guess with most wedding stuff it's very personal, so yes really loved the end product :)

  2. They are amazing and look so beautiful. You did a fantastic job and have something to keep that is so personal to you both. I'm truly inspired by this.

    1. Thanks Hazel. Happy you like them :)

  3. Oh my goodness I'm impressed! Nice job! They're so lovely and unique!