last minute homemade christmas gifts

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Not long to go now! If you're the organised type you probably don't need to read this post. But if you're like me you probably have a few last minute Christmas tasks to complete before the big day  - so read on. 

I've been searching the internet for easy, but inspiring last minute Christmas gifts. And here are my top five choices...

Last minute Christmas gifts - a whole pineapple
A whole pineapple, care of Design Mum
Easy, and unique. Pineapples are delicious but not something you often buy yourself. Spruce it up with a ribbon and you have a lovely spiky gift.

Homemade monogrammed mug with Christmas sweets
Homemade monogrammed mug with sweets, care of Domestikated Life
Personalised and tasty. You can't go wrong here.

DIY photo gift coupons - Christmas gift
DIY photo gift coupons, care of Bubby and Bean
Put your thinking cap on and spoil someone with a gift they can cash in later. It could be anything you like - breakfast in bed, babysitting, car wash, baking lesson, day out and about...

Holiday cookie mix - Christmas gift
Holiday cookie mix, care of Domestikated Life
No doubt you've seen this before - but baking mix when layered in a pretty jar makes a cool gift.

Cheese Christmas gift
Cheese, care of Design Mum
When nothing else will do, buy cheese. Preferably cheese that comes in a wooden box. Add a ribbon and you have a perfectly respectable Christmas gift.

Good luck with all your preparations!!!

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  1. Totally love it! Especially the pineapple and jar things (I'm a jar addict!) :D

    1. Who know fruit could make such fancy gift? :)