my first taste of Christmas 2013

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Well folks, we are now well and truly into December - and even though it's only been a few days since I last blogged, it honestly feels like ages after blogging every day last month.

Christmas is just around the corner - and with only three weeks to go I have lots of Christmasy posts planned including some of my favourite Christmas treats, Japanese Christmas decorations, Christmas reads and of course a bit of Christmas travel.

This weekend I was in Germany visiting a very dear friend who lives about an hour by train from Stuttgart. We had a girls weekend - lots of catching up over cups of tea, wandering around town, some shopping - and most importantly checking out the local Christmas decorations in her town...

Local Christmas scenes - Germany
...nativity scene??

Wooden reindeer surrounded by lots of freshly made garlands - Germany
Wooden reindeer surrounded by lots of freshly made garlands. 
This little shop smelt lovely.

We also 'made time' on Saturday to stop by Ludwigsburg to visit the Ludwigsburg Christmas Markets for our very first taste of Christmas 2013. Oh it was heavenly...

What does the Christmas fox say?
This was the first stall I saw, and it instantly made made me laugh - what does the Christmas fox say?

We started our explorations by trying the glühwein - that's mulled wine to you. At the Christmas markets in Gemany glühwein normally costs about three euros for a mug, but you also pay a two euro deposit, which you get back on returning the mug. There's lots of different designs, and they can be a great souvenir to take home if you're after one.

Our first round of glühwein - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
our first round of glühwein

Our first round of glühwein - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
our second round of glühwein

At about 4pm the Christmas lights turned on and a warm glow covered Ludwigsburg's market square...

A glittering angel surveys the lively scene - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
a glittering angel surveys the lively scene

A tasty sausage snack - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
you can't visit a Christmas market in Germany and not pick up a tasty sausage snack :)

Christmas stall - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
Christmas shopping...

Christmas stall - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
 a family shopping for Christmas candles

Christmas stall - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
Christmas themed pottery - I picked up some super-cute eggcups here

Our third round of glühwein - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
our third round of glühwein - this time white rather than red

Christmas sweet treats - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
 sweet treats

Full of glühwein, Christmas treats and good cheer we decided to knock on the door of a friend who lives right on the square to say hi. We were in luck - she was home...

Christmas window decoration
Christmas window decoration - with the Ludwigsburg Christmas market in the background

View of Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
view of the Christmas market from our friends dining room - so festive 

And in case you're wondering if I brought any of my glühwein mugs home with me - the answer is yes I did. Just one set - I chose the traditional snow scene blue mugs from our fourth round of glühwein, which I think are super sweet. And some yummy lebkuchen (gingerbread).

Fourth round of glühwein - Ludwigsburg Christmas Market, Germany
 traditional glühwein mugs and lebkuchen

How's your December going so far?

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  1. Very festive - I feel all Christmassy now!

    1. Me too. I'm totally in the swing of Christmas now!!

  2. Looks beautiful, so so jealous :( take me with you miss traveller!

    1. Thanks Charlotte. There's nothing like a steaming mug of mulled wine to raise the spirits :)

  3. I don't think that I've ever tried mulled wine before but I would if it came in that cute cup! ps, thanks for link up with Treat Yo Self Thursday!

    1. You should definitely try it - mulled wine is the best Christmas drink, and is actually very easy to make at home too (just Google it). Smells lovely while brewing on the stove :)

  4. Looks amazing! I've never been to a xmas market but am now adding it to my bucket list. So pretty!

    1. Do it! The Christmas Markets in Europe are much more relaxed than the ones in the UK. A very fun experience.

    2. Yay yay yay! What a beautiful holiday experience abroad so far! I was just introduced to mulled wine last year and would say it's a preferred beverage now...but not white wine yet!!! And I would totally buy some of the mugs. Love it!

      ps. Tag, you're it!

  5. Hi Claire !
    I'm having so much fun browsing your blog - which is truly fantastic and soooo interesting ! - thanks for stopping by on my blog, so I could find yours !
    Ps - the "nativity scene" on that first picture, are the Bremer Town Musicians (the donkey, dog, cat & rooster), the characters of an old german tale...

    1. Thanks Ingrid :) I always love Germany at Christmas ans already have my flights booked to go back for the markets again this year. An now I have learnt something too. Claire xx