german inspired breakfast

Saturday, January 18, 2014

As part of making London feel a bit more like home this year, I've decided to invest in some small home luxuries. First up - breakfast boards, inspired by Germany.

One of the fantastic things about travel is that you get to experience culture and traditions first hand, and for us breakfast in Germany is an 'event' we have both grown to love in recent years.

Fact: I have never had a bad breakfast while in Germany.

This is helped by the fact that one of my best childhood friends (also a kiwi) happens to be married to a German, and whenever I visit them breakfast is an event that always includes the following:

  • Breakfast boards (not plates)
  • Strong mugs of tea or coffee
  • Soft boiled eggs, with runny yolks - at least two each
  • Fresh warm rolls
  • Cheese, at least two varieties
  • Meat - salami / prosciutto - at least two varieties
  • Jams and other spreads
  • Yoghurt
What a fantastic way to start the day! Hubby and I enjoy breakfast in Germany so much that we have bought and personalised our own breakfast boards, perfect for an indulgent weekend breakfast.

Here's what I had today...

German inspired breakfast

Not quite the German-style breakfast I described above, but close enough for me on this grey London day. Guten Morgen everyone!

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  1. I'm definitely having breakfast envy right now. My toast just doesn't cut it in comparison! x

  2. Now I am very hungry indeed! x

  3. I do love a German breakfast. Very civilised and great to have both sweet and lots of cheese. Yum! x

    1. Totally agree. Cheese just makes the breakfast if you ask me!