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Saturday, February 01, 2014

This will be my last post about Marrakech until I am fortunate enough to visit again some day. But I wanted to finish off talking about the simple, beautiful spaces, symmetry and sounds the city has to offer.

For all it's hustle and bustle I found Marrakech to be a very soothing and relaxing place. Within it's walls you can stumble upon some very sweet spots where the sounds of the city simply fade away.

Here were a few of my favourites...

1. The inner courtyard of Riad Rafaele, where we laid our heads each night - complete with shady orange trees.

Inner courtyard at Riad Rafaele - complete with orange trees

Inner courtyard at Riad Rafaele - complete with orange trees and spots to think and read
the perfect spot for a glass of fresh peppermint tea

2. Ben Youssef Madrasa - an old Islamic college within the medina, where students would study the Quram. The inner courtyard is made from cedar, marble and stucco - with beautiful geometric carvings containing no representation of humans or animals (as required by Islam). If you are visiting Marrakech I would recommend you bring a book, find a peaceful corner in the courtyard and soak up the ambiance for an hour or two. There's plenty of tourist people watching to be had also.

Inner courtyard at Ben Youssef Madrasa, Marrakech

Tourists at Ben Youssef Madrasa, Marrakech

Open door and geometric patterns at Ben Youssef Madrasa, Marrakech

3. The music of Marrakech... framed on the wall at Riad Rafaele.

The music of Marrakech

4. A Marrakech moment captured on film at Maison de la photographie - the museum of photography Marrakech. This museum is a little hard to find but worth a visit for a look back at Marrakech in years past. Once you've viewed the exhibition take time out in the roof top garden cafe with a 360 degree view of Marrakech city.

Marrakech captured on film at Maison de la photographie

If you're thinking about travelling to Marrakech or want to read more about this wondrous city take a look at my other posts:

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  1. Oh Marrakech, we loved it so much!!! Such a beautiful place! :)

    1. I know right. We had a fab time too.

  2. Beautiful photos, Claire!

  3. Gosh, these are gorgeous! I often get overwhelmed by busy cities and start seeking out the quiet spots so I can collect my thoughts again. You can find so many hidden surprises in a city that way! The Ben Youssef Madrasa looks like my kind of place!

    1. Thanks Sarah. I'm sure there are lots of other quiet places to be found as well. We also loved Jardin Majorelle Marrakech.

  4. Your posts are simply making us more excited for our trip there - great tips, cheers!