seeking tranquillity in Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel like you've just stepped into a different world?

I experienced this last week when I visited Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech. Outside the garden gates is a busy road with lots of hustle and bustle - people leaning on their horns, street vendors selling their wears, children playing and vehicles of all description (cars, motorcycles, trucks, horses and donkeys) whizzing by.

And then...

... I stepped through the gates of Jardin Majorelle and the world was silent for a moment.

Water feature in Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

If you're in Marrakech and seeking some tranquillity then this is the place to visit. Vivid blue, yellow and green garden décor frames possibly one of the worlds largest collections of cactus and a long list of other exotic plants. There are plenty of seats for you to have a quiet moment and listen to the trickling water.

French painter Jacques Majorelle (1886-1962) spent forty years creating this garden - and you can easily see he had a love for botany by wandering the shady paths. Jacques Majorelle was a traveller too - and he acquired hundreds of rare varieties of trees and plants: cacti, palm trees, bamboo, coconut palms, weeping willows, carob trees, jasmine, agaves, white water lilies, ferns and more, which he brought back and planted here during his time abroad.

Cactus in Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

For fashion lovers there's even a monument dedicated to the memory of Yves Saint Laurent composed of a Roman column which came from his Tangier home. I didn't think it was very pretty though.

Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

The garden - Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

Moroccans seem to be experts in creating little slices of heaven away from the chaos of their city streets. A common example is the of the interior garden or courtyard you'll find at most Moroccan riads. Our host was even growing oranges - and we had freshly squeezed orange juice with our breakfast every morning (yum!).

Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

Fish pond - Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

So could I live in Marrakech? I'm not sure. But if I do come back any time soon Jardin Majorelle will definitely make my 'to visit' list again. It doesn't matter where I am in the world - I won't give up a slice of tranquil heaven.

Treescape - Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

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  1. Wow, looks so beautiful...

    1. It really is. Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by Lera :)

  2. What an enchanting place!!

  3. Claire, I loved visiting this garden, too! Even though it was bustling with tourists the colors, greenery, and general layout made me feel calm and happy. I loved Marrakech and, in an ideal world, could see myself living there for a few weeks each spring--especially if I stayed in another lovely riad. Did you get a chance to visit Chefchaouen, the Blue City of Morocco? Absolutely gorgeous!

    Amy | Club Narwhal

    1. Totally agree Amy - Jardin Majorelle is such a calming spot. It was really quiet when I visited, hardly any other visitors at all, so maybe I was just lucky with timing? I didn't get to Chefchaouen but want to go back again so will definitely add to my list :)

  4. well, dang. it looks beautiful! morocco is hiiiigh on my list!

  5. What a beautiful place! :)