photo friday - skiing in Val Thorens

Friday, February 07, 2014

Ice ice baby. Ice ice baby. All right stop.

Yes, that's right I'm quoting Vanilla Ice. Mainly because I couldn't stop humming this tune for the entire week I spent skiing in Val Thorens over Christmas.

This photo was taken by moi from a chairlift during our holiday. I couldn't resist the view of one lone skier enjoying a run all to himself, so braved cold numb hands and the serious possibility of dropping my phone to take this pic.

Val Thorens France - a lone skier

If you enjoy skiing, but have never been to Val Thorens or any of the Les 3 Vallées I strongly recommend you get yourself over to France asap. I'm no expert but this was by far the best skiing I have ever done in my life...

... hundreds of long blue and red runs to choose from (intermediate level), powder fresh snow, gorgeous views, fantastic chairlift facilities...

I could go on, but if you want to know more come back on Monday, when I'll fill you in on all the best parts of our Val Thorens skiing holiday.

Happy Friday everyone!

And thanks to Jess from This Analog Adventure for her Friday Photo link up.

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  1. What a stunning scenic view! (Although it also seems very intimidating to me since i've never skied in my life.) x

    1. The view was amazing. If you are keen I would definitely recommend skiing - it's such a freeing feeling whizzing down the slopes :)

  2. Wow! This is a stunning area - but I agree with Amanda, a little scary - I have never skied either - I am like, the worst kiwi ever lol

    1. Well you know what to do... :) Now come on, there is no such thing as a bad kiwi - we all rock!! lol

  3. Gorgeous shot! I totally know what you mean by braving the cold hands to get a photo from a chair lift! Haha but it as definitely worth it!!!

  4. That's a gorgeous picture! How I wish we could go to France to experience those beautiful mountains!