the next two years, and where to next?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hubby and I sat down a few weeks ago to try and put together a plan for our next move. We are committed to London for another two years, but then what? The key objective was to agree where we want to live next - ideally somewhere to put down some roots and invest in some property. We didn't get very far - and the list of options we looked at was long and varied. Here is the 'short list'...

Auckland, New Zealand

  • Pros - easy to set up (we know how the country works), family close by, outdoor relaxed lifestyle, great weather, bluebird chicken chips
  • Cons - limited work opportunities, very limited travel opportunities, a little on the quiet side
Cheltenham Beach - New Zealand
Hubby at Cheltenham Beach - Auckland, 2013. My dream house is here...
Sydney / Melbourne, Australia
  • Pros - more work opportunities and higher earning potential than NZ, great weather
  • Cons - high living costs, zero work contacts to network with, Australian accents!! (apologies to any Aussie readers), if we're heading back 'down under' shouldn't we just go to NZ?
Sydney, Australia
me, Sydney, 2007

Bay Area, United States
  • Pros - America! F*ck yeah!, excellent work opportunities, great base for travelling, lots of space (big houses), hubby would finally be able to get the car of his dreams, I heart jamba juice
  • Cons - I wouldn't be able to work initially, our closest family/friends are in LA
Powell Street, San Francisco
Powell Street, San Francisco - I used to walk down here every day to work when I lived in the area, 2005

Vancouver, Canada
  • Pros - great base for travelling, excellent work opportunities (particularly for hubby), skiing close by, some family close by
  • Cons - do we actually like Vancouver? I've never been, and hubby hasn't visited since he was a teenager
Georgian Bay, Canada
sunset at Georgian Bay, Canada - where hubby's uncle owns his own island, 2012
Hong Kong, special administrative region of China
  • Pros - HK is awesome!!, we have friends and family who live there, amazing travel opportunities with Asia close by, amazing food, amazing shopping, English speaking work opportunities in Asia (without needing to teach English)
  • Cons - small living spaces, weather, this would most likely be another short-term move
Goldfish market, Hong Kong
goldfish market, Hong Kong, 2013

Tokyo, Japan
  • Pros - I would be very happy, Japan is just cool!, great travel opportunities, sushi!
  • Cons - we would always be 'gaijin', this would most likely be another short-term move, Japan is a bit unrealistic (damn it)
Sensō-ji - Tokyo, Japan
me at Sensō-ji - Tokyo, Japan, 2006
Stay in the UK
  • Pros - travel, travel, travel, lots of friends here and some family, good work networks and opportunity, we know how this country works, clotted cream, onion rings
  • Cons - weather (no sunshine ever!), house prices in London are outrageous and I could never sign up for a life-long commute, a few other things that get on my nerves but I won't mention here...
Scones in Hyde Park, London
me, enjoying scones and clotted cream in Hyde Park last summer

So, where would you go?

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  1. Haha, you don't like the Aussie accent?! I'm not the biggest fan myself and I have one. Have you ever thought of moving to a different part of Australia? Queensland is the BEST state in Aus... (I may be a little biased) I know that I could never live in London forever. The commute does my head in and I miss the sun. All of your options look very exciting!

    1. Thanks Sammy. We have considered Brisbane in the past, but it's not really our type of city. The kiwi accent is not that great either - I've been doing my best to loose while living here, but some things just stick. I miss the sun too!

  2. So exciting that you're choosing the next place you want to go to! Obviously I would choose Tokyo! But yes, you would always be called a gaijin..

    1. Yeah, I love Japan. Had such a blast the years I was living there. Would love to have that time all over again.

  3. So many options and opportunities! Good luck in finding your next location!

    1. Thanks Tina. Lucky for us we have a few years to decide.

  4. You are so lucky that you can actually and realistically think about this. I can only dream about one day living in such a place as Vancouver, which by the way would be my choice out of this list. But anyway good luck! Whichever city you'll end up in, I'm sure it will be a great experience!
    Greetings from Stockholm :)

    1. I know - my hubby is half kiwi, half Canadian - so lucky for us that opens a few more options. Vancouver is definitely one of the options we are seriously considering, so watch this space. Thanks for stopping by :)

  5. What an amazing list! I would love to live abroad one day. I obviously love traveling, but there's just something irreplaceable about actually LIVING in another place for longer than a few weeks. I live in the Bay Area now (represent!), but my mom has also spoken wonders of New Zealand, so you might be on to something there!

    Thanks for linking up again. :)

    1. I completely agree. I loved my time in San Francisco - it was one of my first solo adventures, and I met so many great people during that time :)

  6. Its so difficult trying to figure out where you next move will be. I would love to live in San Francisco one of my favorite cities!

    1. San Fran is awesome. On my days off I used to walk from downtown, through Chinatown and all the way to the Golden Gate bridge just to take in all the scenery.

  7. Me and my other half have this conversation almost everyday! It's so hard to decide! I like all your options though.

    1. Yeah, we've been having it for years too...

  8. Wow, although it's a tough choice, it doesn't sound there is a wrong answer on that list! How exciting!

  9. I love this. My husband and are doing the same thing. While we love Bath and have been here now 14 months (almost three years in England) I am so missing more tropical climates and sun after living in Hawaii previously. I like how you did a pro and con list. We will go where the job sends us, but kinda would like to get back to Asia.