time, blessed time - and cheese fondue in London

Saturday, February 15, 2014

It may sound cliché, but recently I've felt like I just don't have enough time to do all the things I want. The days are speeding by faster, and my to-do list seems endless.

Between work, travel, spending quality time with my husband and friends, skyping with family back home, blogging, relaxing, reading... I constantly find I'm squeezing in more things at the start and end of every day. Time, blessed time just seems to disappear. Does anyone have some time-making tips?

In other news, I've been naughty recently - and had cheese fondue twice!! Two separate London restaurants – both quite different, but great experiences in their own right...

1. L'Art Du Fromage (Bookclub fondue)

L'Art Du Fromage - cheese fondue in London
photo courtesy of L'Art Du Fromage

The good? Unlimited cheese and bread for just £17 – I kid you not. On top of that great service - our waiter completed our cheese fondue at our table by lighting the cheery brandy on fire in front of us and then mixing it into the cheese. For cheese lovers - the smell was amazing! L'Art Du Fromage is also lovely and small (so book ahead), with a warm welcoming atmosphere.

The bad? Location  - L'Art Du Fromage is not the easiest to get to - about a 15 minute walk from Earls Court.

2. Androuet  - Old Spitalfields Market

Androuet - Slow cooked duck egg “cocotte”, Mont d’or
slow cooked duck egg “cocotte”, Mont d’or (yummy!)

The good? Getting to sit next to a 'wall of cheese' and the gorgeous set menu. For £20 each we had five courses, which included:
  • a delicious Beetroot salad with goats curd
  • Spicy mini scotch eggs
  • Slow cooked duck egg “cocotte”, Mont d’or
  • Cheese fondue, served with bread, pickles and salami
  • Dessert selection
The bad? A bit more expensive and busy due to Androuet's location. Our wine ended up more expensive than our food. Didn't quite have the intimate atmosphere, but who needs that when you're sitting next to a wall of cheese?

Androuet - dessert
amazing dessert selection - including ginger crème brûlée

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  1. Ummm all you can eat cheese and bread. YES PLEASE!
    I also feel like I don't have enough time to keep up with all the craziness of life!

    1. Definitely visit on a day when you're hungry. It was amazing!!

  2. Wow! I love cheese fondue and I was not aware that you can have that in a restaurant in London... I lived there for over a year and never knew this! Now, back in Southern Germany, I can have cheese fondue almost all the time and I love having it! I love all sorts of cheese! Together with some delicious red wine and bread it is the perfect dinner!!! Have a lovely weekend!

    PS: I know the time problem! I am suffering from that as well and still have no clue what to do... If you find a solution, let me know!

    1. Will do. Ahhhh Germany and cheese. I have a soft spot for cheese and red wine too. Goes down so well!

  3. Wow, need to visit these places. Sounds delish!

    1. They were both amazing. Do it!

  4. Oh yum. I love cheese fondue and would love to try these places, especially the first one.

    My only time-saving tip is to make time - when I'm feeling a little out of control, I try schedule time in. It helps me not spend time on time wasters (like iPhone games!) and it helps me use less time on things like blogging. I find I'm more productive if I know I only have 90 minutes to do two blog posts than if I vaguely set a morning aside for blogging. Right now I'm on my 3rd hour of catching up with blog comments, out of an allotted 90 minutes (i.e. it doesn't always work!!!)

    1. Oh no! Well, hopefully you enjoyed all your catching up reading??? I find setting myself time limits can work quite well. There are so many distractions these days!