wedding anniversary and a toast!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This coming Monday it will be one year since hubby and I tied the knot!! Wow, time has flown...

This time last year we were both jet lagged, having just stepped off the plane in New Zealand after a 25 hour flight from the UK, and were running around like crazy people viewing our wedding venue and meeting our photographer, celebrant, florist, hairdresser and everyone else involved for the first time.

Our wedding day - New Zealand

Our first year of marriage has been pretty good (with lots of travel yay!), and I am pleased to let you know hubby and I are still going strong, and happier than ever.

So, a toast! To our first year of marriage, and to almost eight years since we first laid eyes on each other.

And if you haven't noticed - one of the great things about our wedding anniversary is that it's a pretty easy date to remember - Saint Patrick's day. We both have a soft spot for Guinness after a very cool holiday to Dublin a few years ago - so the first official toast at our wedding was with, yes you guessed it - Guinness!!!

A Saint Patrick's Day wedding toast with Guinness

Happy wedding Wednesday everybody!! :)

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  1. Have a great anniversary!

    1. Thanks Kiki :) We have a party planned and everything!!!

  2. Congratulations. The photographs are beautiful, glad to hear that you are loving married life. :) x

  3. Great pics! Love Guiness:)

  4. I love Guinness, too! I want it to be my signature "cocktail" at our wedding lol! Happy Anniversary!