marylebone farmers market

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mouth watering, heavenly, scrumptious and tempting are just some of the 'yummy' words I would use to describe the Marylebone Farmers Market in London.

Hubby and I decided to check it out a few weekends ago on recommendation from a friend who lives close by and always seems to turn up to any party with a pie or cake purchased from the market.

On first glimpse the Marylebone Farmers Market looked quite small when we arrived, but I soon learnt that looks can be deceiving, as every single stall and seller here was quality - so by the time I had sampled and shopped my way around almost two hours had passed!

Here are some of the goodies I came home with...

Fresh pasta - Marylebone farmers market, London
fresh roasted beetroot & ricotta ravioli  - amazing to look at, and to gobble down

Fresh pasta sauce - Marylebone farmers market, London
homemade pasta sauce. Hubby and I went for the Roasted Butternut Squash

Yummy baked goods - Marylebone farmers market, London
yummy baked goods!! This seller was a Aussie lass - and she made a Lemon Slice almost as good as my mums. Needless to say I couldn't go passed this brownie either!

Organic apples - Marylebone farmers market, London
fresh organic apples, perfect for cleansing the palette

Giant beef burger - Marylebone farmers market, London
hubby sampled a home grown beef burger too!

Cheese! - Marylebone farmers market, London
cheese, glorious cheese. Need I say more? It was so pretty too...

Free range double yolk eggs - Marylebone farmers market, London
double yolk free range eggs

Purple broccoli - Marylebone farmers market, London
purple broccoli - gotta get some veges too

Tomatos! - Marylebone farmers market, London
fresh and flavoursome tomatoes

The Marylebone Farmers Market is held every Sunday between 10am and 2pm, and is a popular local shopping spot from what I could tell. If you're a Londoner and in the area it's definitely worth checking out. You might leave with an empty wallet, but you'll have a full shopping bag and belly, and a smile on your face. 

There was something for everyone - those who like to cook from scratch, and those who like to pretend they cook from scratch :)

There was plenty of cute dog watching too.

Fresh coffee - Marylebone farmers market, London
me, enjoying my morning coffee hit

And bonus, right behind the market is a lovely little garden for you to sit and watch the world go by while your body tries to digest all the food you've just packed away!!

The tulips are looking beautiful at the moment.

Garden - Marylebone farmers market, London

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