9 April 2014

weddings and honeymoons

One thing that really amazed me about tying the knot was the importance people still place on the tradition of 'going on a honeymoon'.

Hubby and I didn't have the most traditional wedding...
  • there were zero religious references in our ceremony
  • we split the costs between ourselves and both our families
  • I made a speech, as did my mother and maid of honour (traditionally only men speak)
  • we had clay bird pigeon shooting as entertainment
  • and opted for a chocolate and lemon cake rather than fruit (yum!)

Just married - Brighton Pier
us, having fun on Brighton Pier (and we weren't married at this time!)

But I still wore a white dress, had my dad give me away, and kept a whole lot of other traditions that we actually liked. So why did I not pause and consider a honeymoon?

Firstly, I think it was the extra expense. I mean we had just shelled out a tonne of money to fly half way around the world and put on a very cool, but expensive party.

Secondly, we travel all the time. At least once every six weeks we are on a flight somewhere. I mean, tomorrow I'm heading to Germany for example. Long gone are the days when the honeymoon holiday was really the first big holiday most people had ever been on.

So am I just spoilt? Or am I not spoilt because we didn't go on a big fancy honeymoon? ;)

In the end we opted for a long weekend in charming Martinborough, one of the most scenic wine areas in New Zealand. And those few days to ourselves were amazing! Read about our wine tasting adventure in my gorgeous country of birth here. I have since heard someone else refer to this type of escape as a 'mini-moon'.

And one year on we are planning a big trip to Japan, which feels pretty special. We might even give the backpackers a miss and splash out on a nice hotel!!

So what do you think? Did you go on a honeymoon? Or do you plan too?

What did you do to make your honeymoon special?

Hope you're having a lovely week. xx


  1. yayy wedding talk! it sounds like you still got to get away and celebrate just the two of you...which I think is what its all about - getting to finally relax and indulge after all that hard work. we went to jamaica because there was no way I was going to miss out on a chance to travel ;) we make it a point to go somewhere cool to celebrate our anniversary - florence last year and now portugal. we'd be traveling anyway, I just like to use it as an excuse to do it a little bigger...like your nice hotel ;)

    1. Yay :) I agree - going somewhere a bit more special each year is a great way to celebrate your anniversary! We definitely needed some relaxing time after our wedding!

  2. I love that you had your wedding your way! My husband and I had a non-traditional marriage (we got married at the town hall last May and we will have a party with our families this June) and we have been getting pushback from family and friends. We are having a big trip to China this year but I wouldn't necessarily call it a honeymoon.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. I bet you must be looking forward to your June party :) And China! How exciting. xx

  3. Being with someone from a country where weddings aren't very popular I am sure if we were to get married it would be a very untraditional wedding as well. Makes them more fun!

    1. Absolutely. I have to admit the best wedding I ever went to was completely untraditional - all the guests formed a circle around the couple (standing) while they said their vows. It was so touching and personal!!

  4. I think everyone has their own special parts of the wedding they would want. I personally would want to elope or do a tiny wedding and then spend all the money on going on a big 3 month trip! I say that now... I don't actually have anyone to marry yet ;) haha

  5. Clay bird pigeon shooting?! That sounds like a fun wedding! We did go on a honeymoon . . . we were married in the middle of the freezing Canadian weather so we went to Mexico for some nice warmth. :)
    Thanks so much for linking up!

  6. that's awesome that you get to travel so much! I used to travel quite a bit when I was younger but now we don't travel as much due to our work schedules etc. so even though our honeymoon will definitely be an extra expense, i'm excited since it'll be our first big trip in awhile! we're getting married this September and then going to Hawaii for a week - can't wait :)

  7. Your wedding sounds amazing! We are going on a honeymoon, mainly because any travel we do is typically for holidays or other friends' weddings! This time it's actually a vacation and will be just us...which is absolutely what we need after all of the stressful planning! Plus, our flights and accommodations are gifts, so it's not a huge expense (SO thankful for this!!!!)

  8. Yay for the women doing speeches! I was bridesmaid for my best friend last summer, and I sort of insisted that I get to do a speech. I hate the notion of all the men getting up to have their say, while the women sit silently looking pretty. Everyone who knows me knows that I don't do silent and pretty! It was really cool and so many people commented on it afterwards and said they wanted to do the same thing.

  9. I am actually planning on two honeymoons. 1 short one near my house, so we can get all the "paperwork" done. Then, after I move to his house, we will travel to Ireland. :)

  10. I love that you made your wedding *yours*. We did the same, keeping the traditions that meant something to us in, and getting rid of the rest. We kinda had a 2 week holiday with my family who were over in the UK from NZ, and then had a South of France honeymoon about a year later - in many ways it meant more than an immediate one would have.

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