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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bridesmaid dress shopping was one of the most fun and enjoyable wedding planning tasks leading up to my wedding. By the time I arrived at the 'dress shopping task' our wedding date had been set, the venue found and a whole bunch of other decisions made.

However, getting married abroad and having my two lovely bridesmaids living in different countries meant that we couldn't go traditional dress shopping trip together (boo hoo), and I had to skip the endless trying on of good and bad dresses, glasses of bubbly and giggles...

...but we did have fun in a more modern way - sending each other photos we'd found online and endlessly discussing the merits of various dresses via email and skype.

My research started on Pinterest and I quickly got sucked into a world of gorgeous lavender bridesmaid dresses (one of the colours tastefully running throughout our wedding) and the idea of choosing a colour but having a variety of dress styles.

Lavender bridesmaid dresses
{ Ameris | Style Me Pretty }

Lavender bridesmaid dresses
{ Photos via Wedding Chicks }

Armed with a colour and style in mind I nicely asked for my bridesmaids to send me their measurements and started investigating online shops:
  • The Dessy Group - great reviews, lovely colour options, but unfortunately a little out of my price range (a girl has to have a budget)
  • - more good options, but to be honest the website usability (or lack of) really bugged me 
  • Light in the box - my website of choice - decent online reviews, well priced and they had lavender!
Many more email and skype discussions followed and we finally all agreed on a dress! Ta da -the Empire Halter Floor-length Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress. I ordered the dresses, they arrived in just three weeks and were lovely. Phew. 

Lavender bridesmaid dresses
my bridesmaid dresses

Did I just make buying bridesmaid dresses online sound easy? Well in truth it was. But if you're a bit nervous about online shopping for something so important here are my top tips:
  1. Know your bridesmaids body types, and choose a style and neckline that will be flattering. Happy bridesmaids means a happy bride :)
  2. Ask your bridesmaids to try a few similar dresses before ordering to check they are happy with the style.
  3. Read online reviews - are they mainly positive?
  4. Review the fit guide and always have someone else double check measurements. As a rule of thumb don't let the girls do their own measurements.
  5. If you're particular about colour order a colour swatch before ordering the dresses.
  6. Understand the fabrics - and know what you're getting.
  7. Check the return, making and shipping time-frames. More time equals less stress.
  8. Be prepared to make a few alterations and have a tailor handy - I ordered floor length dresses because I loved the neckline and then had them shortened to knee length once they arrived.
And here we are... 

Lavender bridesmaid dresses

In other news I'm off on holiday next month and looking for some guest bloggers to keep my blog running while I'm away. If you're interested and would like more details you can find out more here. I'd love to hear from you!

Happy wedding Wednesday :)

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  1. I am currently at the bridesmaid dress buying stage and with 2 here in the UK and 2 in NZ it is proving to be a tricky task! Lots of online shopping and lots of pictures being sent back and forth.

    1. Good luck Sara - it's worth all the effort.

  2. My sister is my only bride's maid and we bought her dress online from We both loved it!

    1. Ohhhh great recommendation. Thanks!

  3. I went through quite the same experience, but my bridesmaids lived all the way in NZ, so I just sent a selection via email & crossed my fingers!

    1. Yes, there was a lot of crossing finders and toes in my wedding camp too!

  4. Three weeks?!? Wow that's amazing! Even if you happened to dislike them (but why would you, they're so pretty!!), you could easily have enough time to find something else. Brilliant!

    Also, I completely agree about website usability. If a business doesn't take the time to make their site experience an easy one then I'm not going to make the time to check out their business! lol :)

  5. That's a very special and unique gift idea for shopping.