Brighton beach - London's best day trip

Saturday, July 19, 2014

We've had a bit of a 'heat wave' in London this past week. It's been humid, sticky, and on most days bright and sunny.

So what better way to indulge the English sun? Why a day out to Brighton beach of course - one of the best known beaches in the UK, and my favourite London day trip...

Brighton Beach with a view of Brighton Pier
Brighton beach, with a view of the old west pier in the background

Getting to Brighton from London is very easy - you simply catch a train from either London Victoria, London Bridge or London St Pancras train stations, and the journey takes approximately one hour. Once your arrive in Brighton, follow the crowds and walk straight down the high street. The high street is on a lovely downhill slope so you'll reach the famous pebbly beach in no time.

Brighton beach has a great cosmopolitan vibe, and in summer there are always hundreds of people out and about enjoying the water, seaside cafés and bars, local art and galleries

We strolled along the waterfront towards Brighton Pier...

Brighton beach front

... and stopped for two (or three) turns on Brighton's own merry-go-round on the beach! 

The merry-go-round is one of my favourite things to do on Brighton beach and I always take it for a spin or two, often to the amusement of onlookers as mostly it's kids that enjoy this ride. But, hey - there is nothing better than a merry-go-round on the beach, sea air in your hair, and the view! 

Brighton Beach merry-go-round on the beach

As well as the beach there's a whole heap of cool stuff to do in Brighton if you're planning on making a weekend of it:
  • shopping on North Laine
  • water sports
  • seafront clubs and bars in the evening
  • coffee sampling at the many independent cafés
  • Brighton Pier for some carnival type entertainment
  • and of course every visit to Brighton must include fish and chips on the beach

View of Brighton beach from Brighton Pier
view of Brighton beach from Brighton Pier

We made the mandatory visit to Brighton Pier, enjoyed a ice-cream, watched the crazy rides and then tied the knot again! (Just kidding.) 

Ride on Brighton Pier

Just married on Brighton Pier

Ahhh... my favourite Brighton merry-go-round again...

Brighton beach merry-go-round

And a sunset...

Brighton west pier sunset

It's not quite so sunny this weekend so I'm having a quite one in London. What's everyone up to?

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  1. Hi Claire! Thank you for popping by my blog earlier! I'm quite glad to have found you - I can't wait to get started on your travel stories and pick up a trick or two (and perhaps even more!)! :D

    Oh I do quite like Brighton, it's just such a pretty little town! Would love to go back for another visit! :)

    Glad you're having a lovely weekend!

    Love, Alex :)

    1. Hi Alex, thanks back at ya. Funnily enough we have actually decided to go back to Brighton again today. Can't believe how hot it is right now! Hope your having a great weekend :)

  2. Beautiful photos!

    I had a bit of a giggle recently. I'm planning a trip to England/London in the summer of 2015, because -- like most South Africans -- I have friends, family members and many close links to London. Anyway. I wanted to go in August, but then thought it might be too crowded and a bit hot. "How hot?" I wondered. Whereupon I Googled, fell of my chair and floundered about in confusion. "Average maximum temperature 21°C?! I'll freeze to death," I thought.

    Don't laugh at me. I grew up in Africa, with temperatures of 40°, and here in Tokyo we sweat our way through endless mōshobi, as we call a day hotter than 35°.

    So here's one person who's looking forward to your heat waves! :)

    1. Well it's definitely hotter than 21 degrees at the moment - but you never know in London. Fingers crossed we keep this lovely weather for a few months yet.

  3. Isn't Brighton such a fab town - and so iconic!

  4. God damn, talk about a heat wave. I think it feels a lot hotter because England just isn't equipped for the heat! Love Brighton. I went last year on the windiest day on earth!

    1. I keep thinking I'll wake up and it will be cold and grey again, but so far the sun keeps shining. Loving this summer!

  5. I love how much you love that merry-go-round! It IS charming, I'll give you that! I'd love to stop by Brighton on my next visit to London, looks adorable! :)

    1. Oh you should. Brighton is so easy to get to, and such a refreshing change from London's crowded streets.

  6. I'll have to check this place out whenever I'm back in London. :) Thanks for linking to Local Adventurer. Don't forget to link back and comment on the blog linked before you!

  7. I love all of the bright colors, and the chairs! How festive is all of that?! I really do want to visit London someday. :)

  8. One of my favourites - great shots!