eating fresh in Ko Phi Phi - Thailand

Monday, July 14, 2014

Last week I filled you in my most recent relaxing adventure in unwinding in seductive Ko Phi Phi Island - Thailand. I still can't emphasise enough how gorgeous Ko Phi Phi is, but today I want to tell you all about the food, cause well it was amazing too...

Scrumptious, fresh, zingy and mouth-watering are just a few of the words I would use to describe Thai food, which is characterised by the emphasis placed on always using fresh ingredients, strong aromatic components and a spicy edge.

Lucky for us there was small local village within a five minutes walk from our resort, and this is where we ate pretty much all of our meals...

Ko Phi Phi village - Thailand

Our favourite spot for eating was the amazing Mint Restaurant. Quiet due to the low season, but the most amazing food I've had in a long time that was cooked from scratch in the little corner kitchen where we watched our dishes being created before our very eyes!

Mint cafe - Ko Phi Phi village, Thailand

And of course we washed down the food with some cool local beer!

Drinking a cool beer at Mint cafe - Ko Phi Phi village, Thailand

Some of our favourite Mint cafe dishes...

Chicken and vegetable wantons - Ko Phi Phi Thailand
chicken and vegetable wantons

Fresh chicken salad - Ko Phi Phi Thailand
fresh chicken salad - a little spicy and zingy with chilli and lime in the mix

Green chicken curry with sticky rice - Ko Phi Phi Thailand
green chicken curry with sticky rice

Massaman curry - Ko Phi Phi Thailand
massaman curry

And yep, here's me after picking up some much needed supplies (beer!). Not the most flattering pic, but hey I was feeling pretty happy.

Ko Phi Phi Thailand

As well as Mint cafe there were lots of other lovely spots for eating, and in regards to taste - the food was all first class. My mission now is to find a Thai restaurant in London that can measure up.

One day we went for a small hike to the local view point...

View point - Ko Phi Phi Thailand

... it was a hot day, so a fresh coconut with ice-cream was in order to refresh ourselves afterwards.

Fresh coconut and ice-cream - Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
fresh coconut and ice-cream :)

Another favourite of mine that I always sample when in Thailand is the crispy Thai pancakes, which can be served with either a savoury or sweet filling.

Pancake with honey - Thailand
pancake with honey

And, yes we had a favourite dinner spot in the village too - Pad Thai restaurant. Again, amazing fresh dishes and squeezed juices, friendly staff and a free cooking show if you wanted to watch your meal come together before your eyes....

Pad Thai restaurant - Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
Pad Thai restaurant - Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

Chicken with tamarind and cashew - Thailand
delicious chicken with tamarind and cashew 

Pineapple fried rice - Thailand
the amazing Pineapple fried rice

So... Hungry? I am!

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  1. Wow! Everything looks so delicious! I love how everything is served so beautifully like the coconut ice cream and the pineapple fried rice!

    1. Served beautifully and super tasty. I'm feeling rather inspired since writing this post to have some Thai cooking classes.

  2. The food looks amazing!! I'm pinning some of your Thailand posts, as I'm hoping we get to make a trip there while we are living on the West coast. I love pineapple fried rice!

    1. Great - pin away! I've visited Thailand several times over the last 10 years, all different places so let me know if you'd like any tips :)

  3. Yes, hungry! I love the fresh food in Thailand and a cold Chang is the best ;)

  4. Pineapple fried rice is the most amazing dish! Not that I've had it in Thailand, but I imagine it could only be better than I've had before.

    1. It is amazing isn't it? I hadn't tried it before this trip and only ordered it the first time for the novelty - but the taste kept us coming back for more!

  5. I'm a real fussy eater but these all look so yummy! I need to broaden my horizons to somewhere further than fish and chips I think!

    Charlotte Rose

    1. There's a whole world of taste out there waiting for you to discover it Charlotte!

  6. oh my goodness I am literally salivating at my desk
    Absolutely beautiful pictures!

  7. Gosh, it looks wonderful!

  8. Claire, you are KILLING me over here! All of that food looks to die for!!

    1. Amy - I can't lie - it all tasted amazing!

  9. That looks so delicious! I always look forward to trying local food but sometimes weary of local restaurant because I don't know how my stomach will take it. I really want to taste that crispy crepe right now!