lazy weekend and blog update :)

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Well, hasn't it been a fantastic sports filled weekend! The Football world cup - an amazing game on Friday night with Brazil vs Columbia, and who could forget Holland vs Costa Rica yesterday? A real nail biter. On top of that we have the Tour de France currently travelling its way through England and the Wimbledon mens final today as well!

Hubby and I are currently relaxing at home with some specially made Wimbledon cocktails... and yes, I'm blogging while we watch too...

Wimbledon cocktails 2014

In other news this weekend has been mostly about relaxation - sleeping, unpacking from our travels, cleaning, washing, my first decent run in about three weeks, and this morning we headed to our local Queens Park farmers market where I picked up these beautiful Tomatillos (green tomatoes). Aren't they gorgeous looking? Perfect to make a delicious Mexican salsa verde.

Tomatillos (green tomatoes) from Queens Park Farmers Market, London

While I was away I had some time to reflect and have decided to make a few small changes to this blog... 
  • Firstly I'm going to cut back from blogging from four times a week to three. There's lots of reasons for this but mainly I want to ensure I have quality content and a bit more time for myself.
  • Secondly I won't be posting about my wedding much from now on - unless a special occasion comes up :) For those of you who are still planning your big day I've compiled my most popular wedding posts here - so have a browse.
  • And lastly I'll be blogging on Mondays - Travel, Thursdays - life and inspiration, Saturdays - London living. So stay tuned.
Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing lots about my latest trip to Japan - my all time favourite country ever. But first look out for some Thailand posts starting tomorrow, where hubby and I spent a week chilling on the beach at the start of our trip.

Japanese Koi purse
my one indulgent 'tourist buy' while in Japan - a Koi purse. Kawaii!!!

Also a big shout out to my lovely guest bloggers who kept my blog running while I was away:
Thanks again ladies!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

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