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Monday, August 18, 2014

I've been favoured by three lovely bloggers in recent months for the Liebster Blogging Award - thanks Jessi, Anna and Laura. So today I've decided to spill the beans (well some of them) on my travel ambitions, blogging and me. I've chosen a few questions from each of my nominators to answer. So here we go...

Auckland, New Zealand
Auckland, New Zealand

1. What inspired you to start blogging?
Honestly? I just needed a creative outlet that was separate from my work and thought blogging would be a great way to record my travel, wedding and life experiences. When I stated I had no idea how involved and time consuming blogging can be!

2. Name three things that are on your bucket list?
i) Children (though not yet mum - don't get too excited!)
ii) Buy and own a property one day
iii) A cat (living in London and travelling means pets are a no go).

3. Favourite country you have travelled to?
Duh - Japan!
Though my favourites include New Zealand (home), Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, Germany, Greece and Spain. Basically I love the world.

4. Where are the top three spots on your travel wish list?
i) Egypt. I dream of the Pyramids. 
ii) China - this will be my next big trip, 6-months backpacking, can't hardly wait.
iii) Brazil - for the Olympics, oh yea!

5. First place you travelled to alone?
Aside from trips within New Zealand and Australia - which I don't think count, my first solo trip was to America, San Francisco upon finishing my university degree. I was 21 and determined, found a dodgy apartment on Craig's List in the Tenderloin district and off I went. It was scary, crazy and amazing all in one! I stayed in San Francisco for about four months and then backpacked alone through the California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and then up the East Coast. Needless to say this is when I swallowed the travel bug. 

6. If you could choose a second nationality what would you choose?
This is a really hard one. Being a kiwi I have easy access to New Zealand and Australia already. I've also been in the UK for five years and will soon be able to apply for permanent residency, which also opens up Europe. Naturally I next want to say Japan, but I'm a realist and know I'll never have the language skills I need to be able to work in the capacity that I would want to in Japan. So in summary - America. I work in technology. Silicon Valley is my dream. Plus Americans are so friendly!

7. Favourite travel quote?
I don't have one. I do try and live by the saying 'be the change you want to see'.

8. What was the last song you listened to?
Paper Aeroplane by Angus & Julia Stone.

9. Your five favourite things in life?
In no particular order...
i) being in love
ii) learning
iii) feeling the sun on my face
iv) the excitement of arriving somewhere new
v) reminiscing and telling stories with my family and friends

10. Where are you off to next?
Over the next month I have a few trips booked in:
i) A beach escape in the UK
ii) Belgium with my parents
iii) Seville, Spain for the famous flamenco festival
That's it! Hope you enjoyed.

To share the Liebster love I'm nominating five of my newest readers. All you guys have to do is answer the same questions above and then pass on the Liebster torch to any blogs you like with less than 300 followers...
Thanks for following and reading you lovely people!

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  1. 6 months backpacking in China will be amazing!!

    1. Ahhh thanks, it's still more of a dream than reality right now. Trying to figure out when to be slot into my life. But it will happen :)

  2. Wow the Tenderloin - you are adventurous, my friend!! :)

  3. Oops! That was me ^ commenting as my husband. That's when you know we're married haha!

    1. Lol - awesome. Yes, I would say more naive than adventurous! Though I lost my green edges pretty quick :)

  4. Wow, can't believe your first solo trip was backpacking around America! I love your list of your five favourite things in life :) Also I have just googled the flamenco festival in Spain, so jealous it looks amazing!

    1. It's not too late to book Anna - tickets are still available and not expensive :) Yep, America was fab, I very quickly fell head over heels for cheesy fries and malt shakes!

  5. Lovely, a good read! 'Duh - Japan' - haha!

  6. I loved reading this - so nice to get to know you better! I laughed when I read "duh Japan!!" I really can't wait to visit soon! And thank you so much for nominating me! You are so sweet!

    Carly x

  7. Wow that American trip so young sounds crazy! But for sure guaranteed to give you that travel bug. Thanks for passing on the Liebster love, great to learn a bit more about you :)

    1. Yeah, it truly was my first taste of the world. Great memories.

  8. So many places to see in the world! We just need more time.

  9. Loved reading your answers i like getting to know people better :) Egypt is on my top places to visit too, Hope you enjoy your up coming trips :) x

    1. Thanks Laura, I'm currently on holiday at the English seaside and loving it!

  10. If you need any tips for China let me know! I was there recently and I used to live there! I'm super jealous of your upcoming backpacking trip and can't wait to hear all the details.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. There is a lot of planning to do before this becomes a reality. No doubt I'll be in touch for tips when the time comes :)