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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

India is the only country in the world where I've experienced true culture shock. And to this day I don't think I've travelled to any other country that comes close to the sheer amount of chaos, noise and contrasts that I witnessed while travelling in India back in 2007.

I still remember arriving in Delhi airport - at about one o'clock in the morning, and being greeted by a wall of people who all wanted to help me carry my one very small bag and provide transport to an alternative hotel since the hostel I had booked was apparently "closed" for the night. Upon stepping out into the sticky night air - it was the middle of monsoon, I saw a Zebu (Indian humped cow) wander through the traffic and was assaulted by the thunder of what seemed like a million car horns all  honking at once...

... and so it began, a sense tingling adventure that didn't slow down until I was back on a plane leaving India for home.

the India Gate park - New Delhi 2007
the India Gate park - New Delhi 2007

For me Delhi is truly is a city of contrasts. I had the most delicious curry of my life while in Delhi, but also experienced the worst type of food poisoning. I saw riches for sale beyond my western salary, and people living off almost nothing on the street. I bought fresh mangos for a few cents (amazing) but struggled to find milk.

Every day someone would ask me where I was from - and upon hearing 'New Zealand' they would instantly wanted to chat about cricket hours. But when asked what religion I followed people really struggled to understand 'no religion' and would fall quiet.

shopping street - Delhi, India
shopping street - Delhi, India

One day I'll go back and be slightly more prepared...

This November I'm blogging every day in a A to Z travel challenge, where I'll share some of the amazing but more obscure places I've travelled to in the world as I make my way through the alphabet. 

If you'd like to join me on this travel blogging challenge please do. I'd love to hear about some of your favourite travel destinations. Tweet using #AtoZtravel and I'll retweet you, or just share your posts in my comment feed. Enjoy and Happy #AtoZtravel November!

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  1. I saw India many years ago, and experienced the same thing - a massive culture shock...
    Almost 25 years later, I still remember even the smallest detail of my journey. Never ever have I seen another country that compares to India : so incredibly dirty and beautiful at the same time...

    1. It's funny how places can stick in your memory so vividly. I agree, India is unforgettable.