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Monday, November 17, 2014

Palenque was a Maya city in southern Mexico that flourished during the 7th century. These days the main industry here is tourism - as on average 1000 people visit the Palenque ruins every day.

Palenque, Mexico - 2009
Palenque ruins, Mexico - 2009

The Palenque ruins date back to 226 BC to around 799 AD. After this date, and during Palenque's decline, the city was absorbed back into the jungle (crazy huh?).

Today the Palenque ruins site is about 2.5 km² (1 sq mi) - but it is estimated that less than 10% of the total area has been excavated, and more than one thousand structures are still covered by jungle...

Palenque, Mexico - 2009
sheltering from the burning sun - Palenque ruins, Mexico - 2009

The amazing thing about Palenque - and all Mayan sites in Central America is that everything you see was built without metal tools, pack animals or the wheel. Truly amazing! We visited towards the end of the year and it was still blistering hot at that time - I don't envy the the lives of the slaves that built these structures.

Another thing worth pointing out is that Palenque was not originally grey stone to look at - but painted red with blue and yellow details. I can only imagine how intimidating Palenque would have been to see during the peak of it's power.

hubby and I (5 years prior to marriage) in Palenque, Mexico
hubby and I (5 years prior to marriage) in Palenque, Mexico

Slightly less important, but close to my heart - I had the best tacos of my life in Palenque from a street vendor. Delicious!

tacos - Palenque, Mexico
tacos - Palenque, Mexico

This November I'm blogging every day in a A to Z travel challenge, where I'll share some of the amazing but more obscure places I've travelled to in the world as I make my way through the alphabet. 

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  1. I had no idea it was painted so brightly! Mexico is really on my list of places to go and, fortunately, it isn't too expensive a dream for me now that I live in Canada and not the UK - just need my pesky visa to come through!

    1. Oh yes, Mexico is amazing and one country that everyone should visit. Let me know if you need any tips :)