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Thursday, February 19, 2015

There is no doubt that my love of travel initially grew from my love of reading books as a youngster. Long before I was old enough to go anywhere without Mum and Dad, let alone to a strange country or city I was devouring books that led my imagination to places far far away.

Twenty or so years on it's safe to say that a lot of my travel plans still begin from reading - whether it's a book, blog post, magazine article or even tweet!

And my love for Japan? I discovered the famous poet Matsuo Bashō and his book The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches while living in Japan through my boyfriend's (now hubby) Mum. It was the descriptions of nature that really made me re-examine my surroundings. I loved how distinct the seasons were in their colours, temperatures, smells and sounds.

statue of Matsuo Bashō in Chusonji, Hiraizumi - Japan
statue of Matsuo Bashō in Chusonji, Hiraizumi - Japan
{image via Walk Japan}

Some of my favourite Bashō haikus...
In a way 
It was fun
Not to see Mount Fuji
In foggy rain.

Blanket of white plum,
I wonder what happened to the cranes,
Stolen or hidden
Behind the plum blossoms?

Sakura cherry blossoms, Japan
{Sakura via Free Top Wallpaper}

Another lovely poem by Tenji - a merchant from Mino that Bashō met on his travels...

Sitting at full ease
On the doors of their huts,
The fishermen enjoy
A cool evening.

Wouldn't you just love just to be there in that moment? I would.

What inspires you to travel?

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  1. Interesting. My inspiration usually comes from where I live and the people around me. When I was in the UK it was all about trips to Europe. Now I in Canada it is all about Jamaica and Cuba and the states and mexico

    1. Oh Jamaica is a dream of mine. Very jealous right this minute!