babymoon paradise hunt - Mallorca, Spain

Thursday, August 13, 2015

babymoon, noun informal
a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born.

However, in my case I decided to have my babymoon with my bestie instead... in Mallorca (or Majorca for any Brits out there), woop woop!!

Beach is summer - Mallorca, Spain
We booked a fabulous apartment, just one block from this gorgeous sea and woke up four days in a row with this view - bight, glistening blue. Gosh it was hot! I haven't experienced so much sun and heat for a long time, and alas my pale freckly skin went into a little bit of shock. SPF 50+ sunscreen all the way.

After a day of lazing at our 'local' beach and overdosing on ice-cream we decided to get some exercise, and hired bikes to see what other swim worthy spots we could find. And thus began our hunt for the most local stretch of amazing beach we could find, aka the babymoon paradise beach hunt.

Naked swimming spot - Mallorca, Spain
The fabulous thing about Mallorca is that there are literally hundreds of great spots to swim and enjoy the sun. During our very hot day of cycling we stopped at three such spots, and spied a whole lot more.

I was tempted by the beach in the above photo, until I realised that quite a few of the people on the rocks and in the water were naked. Ekk! Not quite my cup of tea.

We had a lovely swim at this beach...

Beach time, Mallorca - Spain
... and then chowed down on some gorgeous fresh seafood - grilled squid and ceviche salad...

Fresh squid - Mallorca, Spain
Ceviche salad - Mallorca, Spain
The day ended with a sunset cycle, along Palma's beach board walk (the capital of Mallorca) before we fell into bed with exhaustion. 

Palma, Mallorca sunset - Spain
The next day I was determined to keep exploring, but due to aching legs we decided to rent a car and this time went a little more afield to explore Mallorca's east coast. It was another very successful babymoon paradise beach hunt day, with another three awesome spots of heaven discovered.

Here's me 19 weeks pregnant by the way with our cute rental car...

Cruising in Mallorca, Spain
We hit the beach paradise jackpot on our last stop of the day - Cala Varques, a very remote beach that was recommended by the friendly man we hired our car from. 

Note this beach isn't very easy to get to. Our route consisted of a 90 minute drive from Palma, followed by a nerve racking 20 minute drive down a very bumpy, narrow rocky road (thank goodness it was a hire car) and then a 15 minute hike through bush. But oh the reward! My photos don't do Cara Vaques justice...

Beach paradise - Cala Vaques, Mallorca Spain
Babymoon paradise beach hunt complete!

Beach paradise - Cala Vaques, Mallorca Spain

Beach paradise - Cala Vaques, Mallorca Spain
We lay on the warm sand until the sun went down many hours later and the whole beach became golden.

Mallorca / Majorca - what you need to know:
  • Mallorca is a Spainish island located in the Mediterranean Sea, just a few hours flight from London.
  • The capital is Palma, where we stayed. There are lots of lovely apartments you can rent on AirBnB quite cheaply.
  • Magaluf is the resort area where lots of Brits go for all inclusive holidays. It depends what kind of break you like, but personally we stayed well away from there.
  • There are so many lovely beaches to explore. Hire a car to get around, or a least bicycles for a day.
  • Take sunscreen! It's hot, bright and I saw lots of burnt people.

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  1. This sounds just about baby-moon perfection...

    1. Any excuse right? :) I was very pleasantly surprised by Mallorca. Would definitely go back for another beach break.

  2. This looks like the best baby-moon!

    1. Thanks Kiki, I can't complain. I'm just trying to fit in as much travel as I can right now while I can still fly!

  3. Gorgeous photos! The beaches look so beautiful x

    1. The beaches were great! Lovely water, sand, sun and lots of variety. A really great destination for a summer holiday!

  4. I've never heard of a babymoon before! But it looks like a fabulous trip, lovely sunshine!

    1. :) Yep, I'm looking for any reason to have 'just one more break' away before the baby arrives. Mallorca was lovely.

  5. This makes me wanna go on vacation so, so bad! Hope you had an awesome tie!

    Allie | RainyAllie

    1. Thanks Allie. It was lovely and relaxing. Just wish I could have enjoyed the old cool glass of wine at the end of each day!