DIY pregnancy photography

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Warning: if you have no interest in anything pregnancy or baby bump related stop reading now. This is not my normal type of post, but hey, life is anything but normal at the moment so I'm just going to go with it...

In the last two months my bump has taken on a life of its own, almost doubling in size and I have been thinking about trying to capture what I look like by getting some pregnancy photos taken. However when I did some quick research online I was a bit shocked at the prices for getting some half decent snaps in London - £2000 for a 90 minute shoot and two digital files. You have to be kidding!

So to keep costs at zero, hubby and I decided to take some photos of our own...

DIY pregnancy photography at home
We chose a sunny Saturday morning at home (last weekend) and started out by snapping my shadow from all angles.

Then we moved on to the classic looking down at the bump and feet perspective. Not the most original snap but I like how the hairs on my stomach (new since I got pregnant) pick up the light in this photo...

DIY pregnancy photography at home

Most of the inspiration for our DIY home pregnancy photo shoot came from Pinterest. Before starting out I created a Maternity Photography Ideas board and pinned a whole lot of photos I really liked. 

DIY pregnancy photography

In addition to a selection of 'being at one with my bump' pics I also wanted to capture a small piece of London, and where I was during my pregnancy. So here I am - posing outside my front door - rubbish bins and all. The glamorous side of being pregnant in London!

Pregnancy in London

Here's one of the three of us (another classic shot)...

DIY pregnancy photography

And last but not least - me, my bump and Kodai's first photo. Don't you think she looks like she's laughing in this scan pic? Sorry if this is too much skin - you can always close your eyes!!

DIY pregnancy photography
Over the course of the day we managed to take about 200 photos in total, using a range of backdrops (window, wall, front door, shower curtain) and a few clothing changes. It was a fun morning, and as a bonus I get to keep all the digital files at no extra charge.

I have a few other favourites, but I'm keeping those just for us.

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  1. You look great - and hopefully you are still feeling good! I was so bad about taking pregnancy photos but did end up with some entertaining ones from the beach :)

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. It's crazy - I'm not exactly enjoying being pregnant but suspect I might miss it a little too after Kodai is born (especially the kicks), so really want to capture a few memories while I can :)

  2. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! What a great idea to do your own shoot - that is extortionate those prices especially for about-to-be new parents! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)