St-Leonards-on-Sea - a quirky seaside town, England

Thursday, October 15, 2015

There's nothing like a pinch of quirkiness to add a bit of dazzle to a seaside adventure. Especially when the adventure includes giant slices of cake and some taxidermy...

Welcome to St-Leonards-on-Sea, a seaside town just a hop, skip and jump down the water from Hastings Beach, which I wrote about in my last post. The walk between the two towns takes about twenty or so minutes (or slightly longer if you're pregnant!), or if you prefer not to walk St-Leonards-on-Sea is just a single stop away from Hastings by train.

Welcome to Hastings and St-Leonards-on-Sea, England
The little township has a tiny main street full of delights and local humour...

Local humour at St-Leonards-on-Sea, England
Shopping at St-Leonards-on-Sea, England
Taxidermy at St-Leonards-on-Sea, England
There's also several lovely cafés to try out, each with their own charm and style including bunny rabbit lights and local art hanging on the walls.

Love Cafe at St-Leonards-on-Sea, England

Love Cafe at St-Leonards-on-Sea, England
My favourite stop was the art gallery that had a cake shop inside. They served me up such a huge slice of mango and passion fruit cake I could hardly contain my delight!

Gallery Cafe at St-Leonards-on-Sea, England
Gallery Cafe at St-Leonards-on-Sea, England
Oh and of course once you've strolled the streets and indulged on sweet treats there's always the ocean to gaze at or burn some calories off by going for a swim...

To the beach - St-Leonards-on-Sea, England

Noone seemed to be swimming though! The life guard looked rather lonely the day I visited.

The seaside - St-Leonards-on-Sea, England

What you need to know...
  • You can reach both Hastings Beach and St-Leonards-on-Sea  by train from London.
  • The journey takes approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes
  • There's lots of great walks in the area, swimming (if you like cold water) and plenty of local boutiques to check out.

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  1. Oh quirky seaside towns are my favorite. And all those cakes - delicious!

    1. Me too. The UK does have plenty of them! Thanks for stopping by Rachael.

  2. I'd love to wander around those shops. Great photo of you and the cake looks amazing! :)

    1. Thanks Natasha. There's lots of interior and furniture shops - I'm pretty sure you would love it. Maybe a weekend away before it gets too cold?