to the seaside! - Hastings beach in Autumn, England

Saturday, October 10, 2015

I'm often asked what the beaches are like in England by friends and family back in New Zealand who find it difficult to picture the pebbles, promenades and souvenir bursting piers. The truth is the beaches here couldn't be more different to those 'down under' - but that's not to say they are any better or worse, just different!

One of the fantastic things about living in both New Zealand and the UK is that you are never too far from the coast. One of the great benefits of living on an island. There's a whole heap of noteworthy beaches you can visit in just a hour or two from London, making the perfect day trip.

One of my favourites is Hastings beach...

Hastings Beach, England

Hubby and I spent a wonderful long weekend in Hastings last autumn, and indulged in a quintessential English beach vacation that included some lounging by the water and long beach walks (jacket and all)...

Hastings Beach, England

Strolling down Hastings Beach, England

... wandering the local town and admiring the bunting fluttering in the salty breeze...

Bunting at Hastings Beach, England
...  and selfies / yoga poses up on the surrounding hills in the evening sunsets. There's something wonderfully moody about England's beaches!

Walking in the hills - Hastings Beach, England

Sunset - Hastings Beach, England

We spent ample time lounging in our little beach-front apartment too - with pots of tea (followed by wine) while we enjoyed the sun reflecting off the disco ball hanging in the window.

Hastings Beach, England

It's pretty easy to have a good time at the seaside. I often get swept away by the drama of the landscape, and I'm not the only one. There are many others who have fallen in love with Hastings Beach over the years.

Love locks - Hastings Beach, England

Hastings Beach, England

Hastings Beach, England

{Oh how I wish I could fit those jeans and jump that high right now!}

Even when the weather turns a bit dark there's a romance to the English seaside. I spent a lovely afternoon wrapped up warm enjoying this dramatic view with my book (and more wine).

A rainy day - Hastings Beach, England
And when the weather goes to pot I just think of it as an excuse to indulge in a classic seaside cream tea...

Classic cream tea - Hastings Beach, England

Do you have any favourite beaches that make a perfect weekend or day trip?

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  1. It looks so nice and how lovely to get some sunshine. :)

    1. I'm a firm believer of making the most of the sun when it comes out in this country!