waiting, waiting, waiting...

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Having a baby has become a real test of my patience. And I have a feeling this is just the beginning...

The truth is that yesterday was actually my due date, but I'm still here, hanging around home waiting for Kodai to decide it's time to arrive. I just hope I'm not still waiting in another weeks time!

Lots has being going on since I last blogged - hubby and I have bought our first home (in London!) and moved into it. I've also finished work and am now officially on maternity leave, which has been great timing for moving home, unpacking, pregnancy inspired cleaning and more.

Now all that's done I'm back to my old die-hard obsession - travel planning...

Planning to travel the globe

Being nine months pregnant means I'm not particularly mobile right now, so all the travel plans and dreams have been taking form mostly in my head and online. Right now the two main trips I'm working on are the extended holiday home to New Zealand early next year, and a July trip to Chicago for a meet-up with all my friends that lived and worked in Japan at the same time as me. It will be our 10-year reunion.

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow everyone, particularly anyone from America out there!

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  1. Aw, thinking of you - not long now! xx

  2. 1st time mamas typically go to 41 and a half weeks! I had my first at exactly 41. I will hope for earlier for you but that babe will come out when it's ready! Good luck :)

  3. Best wishes for a quick and safe labor! This is such a wonderful and exciting time!!