life is one big adventure

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Life if you want it to be is one big adventure. 

Up until recently I've always counted my big adventures as the big momentous travel moments in my life...

1. The USA - and my first big solo trip trip abroad when I was just out of University. Five months on my own, scraping together whatever money I could earn along the way - San Francisco, New Orleans, LA, Vegas, Texas, New York, Washington, Florida... I learnt a lot about myself, as well as how to navigate a foreign country with no one close by to lean on.

2. Melbourne, Australia. I actually only spent a weekend here, but it was on my second date with my now hubby when we randomly decided to fly to Australia together on a whim. Over ten years later I'm pretty sure that was a great decision!

3. Japan - the country that had a big part in shaping who I am today. In 2006 I took a leap of faith and moved to this wondrous county where I couldn't speak a word of the language and with no idea what I was in for.

4. India - the country and travel that has challenged me the most so far. If you haven't been there go. You will emerge humbled, inspired and thankful.

5. Central America. Six months backpacking with only a start and end point (Mexico to Peru) with the love of my life. We climbed aboard chicken buses, learned to surf, climbed mountains, hiked canyons, studied Spanish, drunk Cuba Libres till the early hours of the morning, slept in hammocks and got very used to cold showers along the way.

Until finally...

6. We arrived in London seven years ago. In the last seven years  I've had career highs and lows, travelled through most corners of Europe, got engaged, got married (swoon!), bought a house and just three months ago had a baby.

What's next? Doing it all again, this time with my daughter in tow.

Many thanks to Emma, Jessi, Angie and Andrea for getting me out of the baby fog and inspiring this blog post. If you'd like to share you greatest adventure link up with them too. You have until Monday.

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  1. Traveling with a baby is so fun! I'm sure you will like it and your daughter will too! This is such a lovely post :)

  2. I for one can't wait to see your newest adventures!