Michelin star dining with a baby - Ametsa with Arzak Instruction, London

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Last Sunday I celebrated my first Mothers Day as a Mum! It was a surreal feeling being on 'the other side of the fence' so to speak and I wanted to mark the occasion by pushing the boat out and doing something with our family that normally I might be a bit nervous about with a small baby.

So when a friend who also has a baby suggested catching up over lunch at Ametsa with Arzak Instruction (just round the corner from Mayfair and Knightsbridge) I said yes. It was the perfect way to celebrate Mothers Day weekend - taking little LJ to her first Michelin Star restaurant!!

Baby LJ at her first Michelin Star restaurant - Ametsa with Arzak Instruction, London
How to: Michelin star dining with a baby...

  1. Choose your Michelin Star restaurant carefully. Think accessible for a buggy, not too loud and visually stimulating for the little one. Ametsa with Arzak Instruction is a lovely light restaurant, with lots of mirrors and a very cool ceiling. It ticked all the boxes.
  2. Go for lunch, not dinner. Generally people are a little more relaxed at lunch time. If your bubba does have an unfortunate meltdown most diners will hopefully laugh it off and not give you a hard time.
  3. Get your timing right. Baby LJ and I have a pretty good routine going these days, which includes feeds at 11am and 3pm. Our reservation was for 1:30pm, which gave me enough time to give her a nice long feed before leaving the house and just over an hour when we first arrived of peace while she napped between feeds.
  4. Bring toys. Even when baby LJ woke up we had a good time as I had packed a few goodies in my bag to keep her entertained and she just loved sitting on my lap and gazing around the restaurant.
  5. Have an escape route planned. If it all goes horribly wrong have your plan B ready. In the lobby just outside Ametsa with Arzak Instruction there was a small, quiet area with couches. This is where I planned to go if LJ needed some feeding and settling away from the hustle and bustle. 
  6. Enjoy, eat and be merry. You just survived a very sophisticated outing with a small child! Big pat on the back.

The fish course - Ametsa with Arzak Instruction, London
We went for the £52 lunch tasting menu that comprised of seven delicious courses, my favourites being Lubina con… Apio? (Sea Bass with Celery Illusion) and Canicas de Chocolate y Fruta (Chocolate and Fruit Marbles). 

It's been a while since I've had the chance to go out and taste truly good food and the tasting menu was excellent value with a range of courses that complemented each other well. We left, bellies full and everyone very happy.

Dessert - Ametsa with Arzak Instruction, London
Even baby LJ left the restaurant feeling satisfied... Big big thanks to Ametsa with Arzak Instruction for making us feel so welcome.

Michelin star dining with a baby - Ametsa with Arzak Instruction, London
And here is the Mothers Day card I got from baby LJ. Lots of warm fuzzies going round in our family at the moment.

My first Mothers Day card from Baby LJ

 How did you spend Mothers Day weekend?

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  1. Yum!! That is the best kind of a date you could take your baby on! Happy Mothers Day!

  2. What a cute way to spend mother's day! The food looks incredible as well :)